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      Mapping land-use fluxes for 2001–2020 from global models to national inventories 

      Giacomo, G.; Schwingshackl, C.; Gasser, T.; Houghton, R. A.; Sitch, S.; Canadell, J. G.; Cescatti, A.; Ciais, P.; Federici, S.; Friedlingstein, P.; Sanz Sanchez, M. J.; Kurz, W. A.; Abad Viñas, R.; Alkama, R.; Ceccherini, G.; Kato, E.; Kennedy, D.; Knauer, J.; Korosuo, A.; McGrath, M. J.; Nabel, J.; Poulter, B.; Rossi, S.; Walker, A. P.; Yuan, W.; Yue, X.; Pongratz, J. (Earth Syst. Sci., 2022-08-22)
      With the focus of climate policy shifting from pledges to implementation, there is an increasing need to track progress on climate change mitigation at country level, especially for the land-use sector. Despite new tools ...