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      Development of nucleic acid vaccines: use of self-amplifying RNA in lipid nanoparticles 

      Rodríguez Gascón, Alicia ORCID; Del Pozo Rodríguez, Ana ORCID; Solinís Aspiazu, María Ángeles ORCID (Dove Medical Press, 2014)
      Self-amplifying RNA or RNA replicon is a form of nucleic acid-based vaccine derived from either positive-strand or negative-strand RNA viruses. The gene sequences encoding structural proteins in these RNA viruses are ...
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      Increased antiparkinson efficacy of the combined administration of VEGF- and GDNF-loaded nanospheres in a partial lesion model of Parkinson's disease 

      Herrán Martínez, Enara; Requejo Rodríguez, Catalina ORCID; Ruiz Ortega, José Ángel ORCID; Aristieta Arbelaiz, Asier; Igartua Olaechea, Manuela ORCID; Bengoetxea Odriozola, Harkaitz; Ugedo Urruela, Luisa ORCID; Pedraz Muñoz, José Luis ORCID; Lafuente Sánchez, José Vicente ORCID; Hernández Martín, Rosa María ORCID (Dove Medical Press, 2014)
      Current research efforts are focused on the application of growth factors, such as glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), as neuroregenerative approaches that will ...
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      Sensing parasites: proteomic and advanced bio-detection alternatives 

      Sánchez Ovejero, Carlos; Benito López, Fernando ORCID; Díez García, Paula; Casulli, Adriano; Siles Lucas, Mar; Fuentes García, Manuel; Manzano Román, Raúl (Elsevier, 2016-03-16)
      [EN] Parasitic diseases have a great impact in human and animal health. The gold standard for the diagnosis of the majority of parasitic infections is still conventional microscopy, which presents important limitations in ...