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      A Minimal Model of Metabolism-Based Chemotaxis 

      Egbert, Matthew D.; Barandiaran Fernández, Xabier Eugenio ORCID; Di Paolo, Ezequiel (Public Library of Science, 2010-12-02)
      Since the pioneering work by Julius Adler in the 1960's, bacterial chemotaxis has been predominantly studied as metabolism-independent. All available simulation models of bacterial chemotaxis endorse this assumption. Recent ...
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      Conformational Sampling and Nucleotide-Dependent Transitions of the GroEL Subunit Probed by Unbiased Molecular Dynamics Simulations 

      Skjaerven, Lars; Grant, Barry; Muga Villate, Arturo ORCID; Teigen, Knut; McCammon, J. Andrew; Reuter, Nathalie; Martínez, Aurora (Public Library of Science, 2011-03-10)
      GroEL is an ATP dependent molecular chaperone that promotes the folding of a large number of substrate proteins in E. coli. Large-scale conformational transitions occurring during the reaction cycle have been characterized ...
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      Robust speed control for a variable speed wind turbine 

      Barambones Caramazana, Oscar ORCID; González de Durana García, José María; De la Sen Parte, Manuel ORCID (ICIC International, 2012-11)
      Modern wind turbines are designed in order to work in variable speed opera-tions. To perform this task, these turbines are provided with adjustable speed generators, like the double feed induction generator (DFIG). One of ...
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      Sliding mode position control for real-time control of induction motors 

      Barambones Caramazana, Oscar ORCID; Alkorta Egiguren, Patxi; González de Durana García, José María (ICIC International, 2013-07)
      A sliding mode position control for high-performance real-time applications of induction motors in developed in this work. The design also incorporates a simple flux estimator in order to avoid the flux sensors. Then, the ...