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      A Featureless Approach to 3D Polyhedral Building Modeling from Aerial Images 

      Hammoudi, Karim; Dornaika, Fadi (MDPI, 2011)
      This paper presents a model-based approach for reconstructing 3D polyhedral building models from aerial images. The proposed approach exploits some geometric and photometric properties resulting from the perspective ...
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      A method for the sag-tension calculation in electrical overhead lines 

      Albizu Flórez, Igor ORCID; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier ORCID; Fernández Herrero, Elvira ORCID (Praise Worthy Prize, 2011-06)
      The sag and tension values of overhead conductors are influenced by the creep developed during the line lifetime. This paper presents a method for the sag-tension calculation of overhead conductors that is characterised ...
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      A Novel Micro- and Nano-Scale Positioning Sensor Based on Radio Frequency Resonant Cavities 

      Asua Uriarte, Estibaliz ORCID; Echevarría Ecenarro, Víctor ORCID; García Arribas, Alfredo ORCID; Feuchtwanger Morales, Jorge ORCID; Portilla Rubín, Joaquín ORCID; Lucas, Julio (MDPI, 2014-06)
      In many micro- and nano-scale technological applications high sensitivity displacement sensors are needed, especially in ultraprecision metrology and manufacturing. In this work a new way of sensing displacement based on ...
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      A Self-Referencing Intensity Based Polymer Optical Fiber Sensor for Liquid Detection 

      Sánchez Montero, David; Vázquez, Carmen; Möllers, Ingo; Arrue Aramburu, Juan Antonio ORCID; Jäger, Dieter (MDPI, 2009-08)
      A novel self-referencing fiber optic intensity sensor based on bending losses of a partially polished polymer optical fiber (POF) coupler is presented. The coupling ratio (K) depends on the external liquid in which the ...
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      A Temperature Sensor Based on a Polymer Optical Fiber Macro-Bend 

      Tapetado Moraleda, Alberto; Vázquez García, Carmen; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni ORCID; Arrue Aramburu, Juan Antonio ORCID (MDPI, 2013-10)
      The design and development of a plastic optical fiber (POF) macrobend temperature sensor is presented. The sensor has a linear response versus temperature at a fixed bend radius, with a sensitivity of 1.92.10(-3) (degrees ...
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      A uniform phase representation for the harmonic model in speech synthesis applications 

      Degottex, Gilles; Erro Eslava, Daniel (Springer International Publishing, 2014-10-16)
      Feature-based vocoders, e.g., STRAIGHT, offer a way to manipulate the perceived characteristics of the speech signal in speech transformation and synthesis. For the harmonic model, which provide excellent perceived quality, ...
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      Adaptive coatings based on polyaniline for direct 2D observation of diffusion processes in microfluidic systems 

      Florea, Larisa; Martin Mayor, Alain; Bou-Ali, M. Mounir; Meagher, Kate; Diamond, Dermot; Tutar, Mustafa; Benito López, Fernando ORCID (Elsevier, 2016-08)
      [EN] Therefore the understanding and proper evaluation of the flow and mixing behaviour at microscale becomes a very important issue. In this study, the diffusion behaviour of two reacting solutions of HCI and NaOH were ...
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      An Embedded Stress Sensor for Concrete SHM Based on Amorphous Ferromagnetic Microwires 

      Olivera, Jesús; González, Margarita; Fuente, José Vicente; Varga, Rastislav; Zhukov Egorova, Arkady Pavlovich; Anaya, José Javier (MDPI, 2014-11)
      A new smart concrete aggregate design as a candidate for applications in structural health monitoring (SHM) of critical elements in civil infrastructure is proposed. The cement-based stress/strain sensor was developed by ...
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      An Optical Fiber Bundle Sensor for Tip Clearance and Tip Timing Measurements in a Turbine Rig 

      García Esteban-Barcina, Iker ORCID; Beloki Perurena, Josu; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni ORCID; Aldabaldetreku Etxeberria, Gotzon ORCID; Illarramendi Leturia, María Asunción ORCID; Jiménez Hernández, Felipe (MDPI, 2013-06)
      When it comes to measuring blade-tip clearance or blade-tip timing in turbines, reflective intensity-modulated optical fiber sensors overcome several traditional limitations of capacitive, inductive or discharging probe ...
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      Aspects to take into account in the application of mechanical calculation to high temperature low sag conductors 

      Albizu Flórez, Igor ORCID; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier ORCID; Valverde Santiago, Víctor ORCID; Buigues Beraza, Garikoitz ORCID (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2010-05)
      Reconductoring with high temperature low sag (HTLS) conductors is an alternative to the traditional uprating methods. The obtained rating increase depends on the mechanical and thermal behaviour of the conductor. In this ...
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      Classifier Subset Selection for the Stacked Generalization Method Applied to Emotion Recognition in Speech 

      Álvarez, Aitor; Sierra Araujo, Basilio ORCID; Arruti Illarramendi, Andoni ORCID; López Gil, Juan Miguel ORCID; Garay Vitoria, Néstor ORCID (MDPI, 2016-01)
      In this paper, a new supervised classification paradigm, called classifier subset selection for stacked generalization (CSS stacking), is presented to deal with speech emotion recognition. The new approach consists of an ...
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      Dealing with the Effects of Sensor Displacement in Wearable Activity Recognition 

      Baños, Oresti; Mate, Toth Attila; Damas, Miguel; Pomares, Héctor; Rojas, Ignacio (MDPI, 2014-06)
      Most wearable activity recognition systems assume a predefined sensor deployment that remains unchanged during runtime. However, this assumption does not reflect real-life conditions. During the normal use of such systems, ...
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      Design and Development of a Low-Cost Optical Current Sensor 

      Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni ORCID; Casado, Luciano; Aldabaldetreku Etxeberria, Gotzon ORCID; Montero, Alfonso; Zubia, Eneko; Durana Apaolaza, Gaizka ORCID (MDPI, 2013-10)
      In this paper we demonstrate the design of a low-cost optical current sensor. The sensor principle is the Faraday rotation of a light beam through a magneto-optical material, SF2, when a magnetic field is present. The ...
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      Design of a Sensor Based on Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) to Measure Fluid Flow and Turbidity 

      Aiestaran Matxinandiarena, Pedro María; Arrue Aramburu, Juan Antonio ORCID; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni ORCID (MDPI, 2009-05)
      Although many optical fibre applications are based on their capacity to transmit optical signals with low losses, it can also be desirable for the optical fibre to be strongly affected by a certain physical parameter in ...
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      Empirical Doppler Characterization of Signals Scattered by Wind Turbines in the UHF Band under Near Field Condition 

      Angulo Pita, Itziar ORCID; Montalbán Sánchez, Jon ORCID; Cañizo Canales, Josune; Wu, Yiyan; De la Vega Moreno, David ORCID; Guerra Pereda, David ORCID; Angueira Buceta, Pablo ORCID; Arrinda Sanzberro, Amaia ORCID (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2013)
      Time variability of the scattering signals from wind turbines may lead to degradation problems on the communication systems provided in the UHF band, especially under near field condition. In order to analyze the variability ...
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      Fiber Bragg Gratings, IT Techniques and Strain Gauge Validation for Strain Calculation on Aged Metal Specimens 

      Montero, Ander; Sáez de Ocáriz, Idurre; López, Ion; Venegas, Pablo; Gómez, Javier; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni ORCID (MDPI, 2011-01)
      This paper studies the feasibility of calculating strains in aged F114 steel specimens with Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors and infrared thermography (IT) techniques. Two specimens have been conditioned under extreme ...
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      Flexible Strain-Tension Calculation Method for Gap-type Overhead Conductors 

      Albizu Flórez, Igor ORCID; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier ORCID; Zamora Belver, Inmaculada ORCID (IEEE, 2009-07)
      Commercially available sag-tension programs give good results for most practical applications. However, they have some limitations concerning gap-type conductors. A separate aluminum and core creep calculation is needed ...
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      Fluidic flow delay by ionogel passive pumps in microfluidic paper-based analytical devices 

      Akyazi, Tugce; Sáez Castaño, Janire; Elizalde, Jorge; Benito López, Fernando ORCID (Elsevier, 2016-10-05)
      [EN] A new concept for fluid flow manipulation in microfluidic paper-based analytical devices (m-PADs) is presented by introducing ionogel materials as passive pumps. m-PADs were fabricated using a new doubleside contact ...
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      Forecast Ratio and Security Analysis of Rating Forecasting Methods in an Overhead Line 

      Albizu Flórez, Igor ORCID; Fernández Herrero, Elvira ORCID; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier ORCID; Alberdi Muiño, Rafael ORCID (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2017-01-26)
      The actual line rating in overhead lines varies with weather conditions. When a utility defines a rating value for the operation of the line, it takes into account both the security and the forecast ratio. The defined ...
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      FTT-MA: A Flexible Time-Triggered Middleware Architecture for Time Sensitive, Resource-Aware AmI Systems 

      Noguero, Adrian; Calvo Gordillo, Isidro ORCID; Pérez González, Federico ORCID; Almeida, Luis (MDPI, 2013-05)
      There is an increasing number of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) systems that are time-sensitive and resource-aware. From healthcare to building and even home/office automation, it is now common to find systems combining ...