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      A colorectal cancer genome-wide association study in a Spanish cohort identifies two variants associated with colorectal cancer risk at 1p33 and 8p12 

      Fernández Rozadilla, Ceres; Cazier, Jean-Baptiste; Tomlinson, Ian P.; Carvajal Carmona, Luis G.; Palles, Claire; Lamas, María J.; Baiget, Montserrat; López Fernández, Luis A.; Brea Fernández, Alejandro; Abulí, Anna; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis ORCID; Clofent, Juan; González, Dolors; Xicola, Rosa; Andreu, Montserrat; Bessa, Xavier; Jover, Rodrigo; Llor, Xavier; Moreno, Víctor; Castells, Antoni; Carracedo, Angel; Castellví-Bel, Sergi; Ruiz Ponte, Clara; EPICOLON Consortium (BioMed Central, 2013-01)
      Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a disease of complex aetiology, with much of the expected inherited risk being due to several common low risk variants. Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have identified 20 CRC ...
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      A Minimal Model of Metabolism-Based Chemotaxis 

      Egbert, Matthew D.; Barandiaran Fernández, Xabier Eugenio ORCID; Di Paolo, Ezequiel (Public Library of Science, 2010-12-02)
      Since the pioneering work by Julius Adler in the 1960's, bacterial chemotaxis has been predominantly studied as metabolism-independent. All available simulation models of bacterial chemotaxis endorse this assumption. Recent ...
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      A short in-frame deletion in NTRK1 tyrosine kinase domain caused by a novel splice site mutation in a patient with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis 

      Sarasola, Esther; Rodríguez Pérez, José Antonio ORCID; Garrote Llanos, María Isabel; Arístegui Fernández, Javier; García-Barcina, María J. (BioMed Central, 2011-06-27)
      Background: Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disease characterized by the lack of reaction to noxious stimuli and anhidrosis. It is caused by mutations in the ...
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      Altered glutamyl-aminopeptidase activity and expression in renal neoplasms 

      Blanco Criado, Lorena; Sanz Echevarría, María Begoña; Pérez Urzelai, Itxaro ORCID; Sánchez Fernández, Clara Eugenia; Cándenas, María Luz; Pinto, Francisco M.; Gil Goicouría, Francisco Javier ORCID; Casis Sáenz, Luis ORCID; López Fernández de Villaverde, José Ignacio ORCID; Larrinaga Embeita, Gorka ORCID (Biomed Central, 2014-05-30)
      Background: Advances in the knowledge of renal neoplasms have demonstrated the implication of several proteases in their genesis, growth and dissemination. Glutamyl-aminopeptidase (GAP) (EC. is a zinc metallopeptidase ...
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      Biomolecule storage on non-modified thermoplastic microfluidic chip by ink-jet printing of ionogels 

      Tijero, María; Díez Ahedo, Ruth; Benito López, Fernando ORCID; Basabe Desmonts, Lourdes ORCID; Castro López, Vanessa; Valero, Ana (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2015)
      [EN] This paper reports an innovative technique for reagents storage in microfluidic devices by means of a one-step UV-photoprintable ionogel-based microarray on non-modified polymeric substrates. Although the ionogel and ...
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      Birth weight and blood lipid levels in Spanish adolescents: Influence of selected APOE, APOC3 and PPARgamma2 gene polymorphisms. The AVENA Study 

      Ruiz, Jonatan R.; Labayen Goñi, Idoya ORCID; Ortega, Francisco B.; Moreno, Luis A; González Lamuño, Domingo; Martí, Amelia; Nova, Esther; García Fuentes, Miguel; Redondo Figuero, Carlos; Martínez, Alfredo; Sjöström, Michael; Castillo, Manuel J; AVENA Study Group (BioMed Central, 2008-11-10)
      Background: There is increasing evidence indicating that genes involved in certain metabolic processes of cardiovascular diseases may be of particular influence in people with low body weight at birth. We examined whether ...
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      Conformational Sampling and Nucleotide-Dependent Transitions of the GroEL Subunit Probed by Unbiased Molecular Dynamics Simulations 

      Skjaerven, Lars; Grant, Barry; Muga Villate, Arturo ORCID; Teigen, Knut; McCammon, J. Andrew; Reuter, Nathalie; Martínez, Aurora (Public Library of Science, 2011-03-10)
      GroEL is an ATP dependent molecular chaperone that promotes the folding of a large number of substrate proteins in E. coli. Large-scale conformational transitions occurring during the reaction cycle have been characterized ...
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      Control of gene expression by modulated self-assembly 

      Gómez Vilar, José Manuel; Saiz, Leonor (Oxford University Press, 2011-09)
      Numerous transcription factors self-assemble into different order oligomeric species in a way that is actively regulated by the cell. Until now, no general functional role has been identified for this widespread process. ...
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      Dextran and protamine-based solid lipid nanoparticles as potential vectors for the treatment of X-linked juvenile retinoschisis 

      Delgado San Vicente, Diego; Del Pozo Rodríguez, Ana ORCID; Solinís Aspiazu, María Ángeles ORCID; Avilés Triqueros, Marcelino; Weber, Bernhard H.F.; Fernández, Eduardo; Rodríguez Gascón, Alicia ORCID (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2012-04)
      [EN]The goal of the present study was to analyze the potential application of nonviral vectors based on solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) for the treatment of ocular diseases by gene therapy, specifically X-linked juvenile ...
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      Early response to nanoparticles in the Arabidopsis transcriptome compromises plant defence and root-hair development through salicylic acid signalling 

      García Sánchez, Susana; Bernales Pujana, Irantzu; Cristobal Barragán, Susana (Biomed Central, 2015-04-24)
      Background: The impact of nano-scaled materials on photosynthetic organisms needs to be evaluated. Plants represent the largest interface between the environment and biosphere, so understanding how nanoparticles affect ...
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      Evaluation of bioactive sphingolipids in 4-HPR-resistant leukemia cells 

      Apraiz García, Aintzane ORCID; Idkowiak-Baldys, Jolanta K.; Boyano López, María Dolores ORCID; Pérez-Yarza Pérez-Irezabal, Gorka ORCID; Hannun, Yusuf A.; Asumendi Mallea, Aintzane ORCID (BioMed Central, 2011-10-07)
      Background -- N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide (4-HPR, fenretinide) is a synthetic retinoid with potent pro-apoptotic activity against several types of cancer, but little is known regarding mechanisms leading to chemoresistance. ...
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      Evidence for classification of c.1852_1853AA > GC in MLH1 as a neutral variant for Lynch syndrome 

      Castillejo, Adela; Guarinos, Carla; Martínez Canto, Ana; Barberá, Víctor Manuel; Egoavil, Cecilia; Castillejo, María Isabel; Pérez Carbonell, Lucía; Sánchez Heras, Ana Beatriz; Segura, Angel; Ochoa, Enrique; Lázaro, Rafael; Ruiz Ponte, Clara; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis ORCID; Andreu, Montserrat; Castells, Antoni; Carracedo, Angel; Llor, Xavier; Clofent, Juan; Alenda, Cristina; Paya, Artemio; Jover, Rodrigo; Soto, José Luis (BioMed Central, 2011-01)
      Background: Lynch syndrome (LS) is an autosomal dominant inherited cancer syndrome characterized by early onset cancers of the colorectum, endometrium and other tumours. A significant proportion of DNA variants in LS ...
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      Expression and activity profiles of DPP IV/CD26 and NEP/CD10 glycoproteins in the human renal cancer are tumor-type dependent 

      Varona Gutiérrez, Adolfo; Blanco Criado, Lorena; Pérez Urcelai, Itxaro; Gil Goicouría, Francisco Javier ORCID; Irazusta Astiazaran, Jon ORCID; López Fernández de Villaverde, José Ignacio ORCID; Candenas, M. Luz; Pinto, Francisco M.; Larrinaga Embeita, Gorka ORCID (BioMed Central, 2010-05)
      Background: Cell-surface glycoproteins play critical roles in cell-to-cell recognition, signal transduction and regulation, thus being crucial in cell proliferation and cancer etiogenesis and development. DPP IV and NEP ...
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      HIV-1 Capture and Transmission by Dendritic Cells: The Role of Viral Glycolipids and the Cellular Receptor Siglec-1 

      Izquierdo-Useros, Nuria; Lorizate Nogales, Maier ORCID; McLaren, Paul J.; Telenti, Amalio; Kräusslich, Hans-Georg; Martinez-Picado, Javier (Public Library Science, 2014-07)
      Dendritic cells (DCs) are essential in order to combat invading viruses and trigger antiviral responses. Paradoxically, in the case of HIV-1, DCs might contribute to viral pathogenesis through trans-infection, a mechanism ...
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      Identification of a biomarker panel for colorectal cancer diagnosis 

      García Bilbao, Amaia; Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Ispizua, Ziortza; Calvo Hernaez, Begoña; Alonso Varona, Ana Isabel; Inza Cano, Iñaki ORCID; Larrañaga, Pedro; López Vivanco, Guillermo María; Suárez Merino, Blanca; Betanzos, Mónica (BioMed Central, 2012-01-26)
      Background: Malignancies arising in the large bowel cause the second largest number of deaths from cancer in the Western World. Despite progresses made during the last decades, colorectal cancer remains one of the most ...
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      Is there a subgroup of long-term evolution among patients with advanced lung cancer?: Hints from the analysis of survival curves from cancer registry data 

      Sánchez, Lizet; Lorenzo-Luaces, Patricia; Viada, Carmen; Galán, Yaima; Ballesteros Rodríguez, Francisco Javier ORCID; Crombet, Tania; Lage, Agustín (Biomed Central, 2014-12-11)
      Background: Recently, with the access of low toxicity biological and targeted therapies, evidence of the existence of a long-term survival subpopulation of cancer patients is appearing. We have studied an unselected ...
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      Molecular diagnosis of distal renal tubular acidosis in Tunisian patients: proposed algorithm for Northern Africa populations for the ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4 and SCL4A1 genes 

      Elhayek, Donia; Pérez de Nanclares, Gustavo; Chouchane, Slaheddine; Hamami, Saber; Mlika, Adnene; Troudi, Monia; Leban, Nadia; Ben Romdane, Wafa; Gueddiche, Mohamed Neji; El Amri, Fethi; Mrabet, Samir; Ben Chibani, Jemni; Castaño González, Luis Antonio ORCID; Khelil, Amel Haj; Ariceta, Gema (Biomed Central, 2013-11)
      Background: Primary distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA) caused by mutations in the genes that codify for the H+ -ATPase pump subunits is a heterogeneous disease with a poor phenotype-genotype correlation. Up to now, large ...
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      Novel Papillomaviruses in Free-Ranging Iberian Bats: No Virus-Host Co-evolution, No Strict Host Specificity, and Hints for Recombination 

      García Pérez, Raquel; Ibáñez, Carlos; Godínez, José M.; Aréchiga, Nidia; Garín Atorrasagasti, Ignacio ORCID; Pérez Suárez, Gonzalo; De Paz, Oscar; Juste, Javier; Echevarría, Juan E.; Bravo, Ignacio G. (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      Papillomaviruses (PVs) are widespread pathogens. However, the extent of PV infections in bats remains largely unknown. This work represents the first comprehensive study of PVs in Iberian bats. We identified four novel PVs ...
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      Phosphorylation of the carboxy-terminal domain of histone H1: effects on secondary structure and DNA condensation 

      Roque, Alicia; Ponte, Inma; Rodríguez Arrondo, José Luis; Suau, Pedro (Oxford University Press, 2008-08)
      Linker histone H1 plays an important role in chromatin folding. Phosphorylation by cyclin-dependent kinases is the main post-translational modification of histone H1. We studied the effects of phosphorylation on the secondary ...
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      Pravastatin inhibits cell proliferation and increased MAT1A expression in hepatocarcinoma cells and in vivo models 

      Hijona Muruamendiaraz, Elizabeth; Bañales Asurmendi, Jesús María ORCID; Hijona Muruamendiaraz, Lander; Medina, Juan F.; Arenas Mirave, Juan Ignacio; Herreros Villanueva, Marta; Aldazabal, Pablo; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis ORCID (BioMed Central, 2012-02-21)
      Background: Statins may have therapeutic effects on hepatocarcinoma (HCC). This type of disorder is the most common malignant primary tumour in the liver. Our objective was to determine whether pravastatin had a therapeutic ...