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      Aspects of quality control of wind profiler measurements in complex topography 

      Maruri Machado, María de las Mercedes; Romo Argota, Juan Antonio; Gomez, L. (Copernicus Gesellschaft, 2014)
      It is well known in the scientific community that some remote sensing instruments assume that sample volumes present homogeneous conditions within a defined meteorological profile. At complex topographic sites and under ...
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      Significant implications of permafrost thawing for climate change control 

      González-Eguino, Mikel; Neumann, Marc B. (Climatic Change, 2016-04-11)
      Large amounts of carbon are stored as permafrost within the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. As permafrost thaws due to climate warming, carbon dioxide and methane are released. Recent studies indicate that the pool of carbon ...
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      The effect of low solubility organic acids on the hygroscopicity of sodium halide aerosols 

      Miñambres Durán, Lorena; Méndez Alija, Estíbaliz; Sánchez Rayo, María Nieves; Castaño Almendral, Fernando; Basterrechea Elguezabal, Francisco José ORCID (Copernicus Gesellschaft, 2014)
      In order to accurately assess the influence of fatty acids on the hygroscopic and other physicochemical properties of sea salt aerosols, hexanoic, octanoic or lauric acid together with sodium halide salts (NaCl, NaBr and ...