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      Anatomy and physiology of word‑selective visual cortex: from visual features to lexical processing 

      Caffarra, Sendy; Karipidis, Iliana I.; Yablonski, Maya; Yeatman, Jason D. (Brain Structure and Function, 2021)
      Over the past 2 decades, researchers have tried to uncover how the human brain can extract linguistic information from a sequence of visual symbols. The description of how the brain’s visual system processes words and ...
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      Automaticity in the reading circuitry 

      Joo, Sung Jun; Tavabi, Kambiz; Caffarra, Sendy; Yeatman, Jason D. (Brain and Language, 2021)
      Skilled reading requires years of practice associating visual symbols with speech sounds. Over the course of the learning process, this association becomes effortless and automatic. Here we test whether automatic activation ...
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      Development of the visual white matter pathways mediates development of electrophysiological responses in visual cortex 

      Caffarra, Sendy; Joo, Sung Jun; Bloom, David; Kruper, John; Rokem, Ariel; Yeatman, Jason D. (Human Brain Mapping, 2021)
      The latency of neural responses in the visual cortex changes systematically across the lifespan. Here, we test the hypothesis that development of visual white matter pathways mediates maturational changes in the latency ...
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      Evaluating the Reliability of Human Brain White Matter Tractometry 

      Kruper, John; Yeatman, Jason D.; Richie-Halford, Adam; Bloom, David; Grotheer, Mareike; Caffarra, Sendy; Kiar, Gregory; Karipidis, Iliana I.; Roy, Ethan; Chandio, Bramsh Q.; Garyfallidis, Eleftherios; Rokem, Ariel (Minor White, 2021)
      The validity of research results depends on the reliability of analysis methods. In recent years, there have been concerns about the validity of research that uses diffusion-weighted MRI (dMRI) to understand human brain ...
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      Rapid online assessment of reading ability 

      Yeatman, Jason D.; Tang, Kenny An; Donnelly, Patrick M.; Yablonski, Maya; Ramamurthy, Mahalakshmi; Karipidis, Iliana I.; Caffarra, Sendy; Takada, Megumi E.; Kanopka, Klint; Ben‑Shachar, Michal; Domingue, Benjamin W. (Scientific Reports, 2021)
      An accurate model of the factors that contribute to individual differences in reading ability depends on data collection in large, diverse and representative samples of research participants. However, that is rarely ...