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      Global English: past, present and future 

      Aristi Cámara, Gorka (2022-03-07)
      English is unquestionably the universal lingua franca in every field. The justification that it is a consequence of the linguistic superiority of English is denied in this paper, which analyses the role of the UK and the ...
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      Non-Binary Gender Identities and Language Use 

      González Calvente, Thania (2018-12-04)
      The sociolinguistic research that has examined the relation between language and gender has experienced a significant change in the past decades. As a matter of fact, a new approach to feminist theory that rejected the ...
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      Off widd de spellin ov werdz: A Sociolinguistic Approximation to Respelling Practices. A Case Study of Scouse Alice 

      García Palomino, Azler (2020-05-25)
      A relatively uninvestigated topic in the literature (Sebba, 2007, p. 12), spelling variation is an interdisciplinary field interpretable as serving the purpose of revaluing the non-standard identities corresponding to the ...
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      Scalar Implicatures: a Gricean vs. a Relevance Theory Approach 

      Fernández Gaspar, Teresa (2017-11-23)
      Griceans have always supported the idea that scalar implicaturesare Quantity-based generalized conversational implicatures (GCI). With the purpose of explaining this phenomenon, they derived their own principles inspired ...
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      Scots Matters 

      Ortega Oar, Ainara
      Little attention has been paid so far to the complex linguistic situation of Scotland. In so far as the European Council is concerned Scots is regarded as a minority language, yet the UK government does not recognise it ...
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      Semantic Change: Synaesthetic Metaphors 

      Quintas Quintas, Patricia
      Every word has its own history. Semantic change does not follow strict rules as other domains, such as phonological change sometimes does, but it does not happen randomly either. In this paper we will analyze a phenomenon ...
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      The Arrival and Development of the English Language in India 

      Madrazo Olaizola, Aitor (2020-05-25)
      It is widely accepted that the English language is the most important international language in the world. It is because of its importance that there has been a worldwide spread of English. Due to the spread of English, ...
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      The Progress of the English Progressive 

      Inda Zarranz, Jaione
      This paper addresses the diachronic development of the periphrastic construction, beon/wesan + the participial ending -ende in Old English, into the progressive construction in Modern English. Even though there are two ...
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      Vernacular English in Ireland: History and Linguistic Overview 

      Ferreiro Da Rocha, Joshua (2020-05-25)
      English has been present on the Emerald Island since about the 13th century, making Irish English the oldest of the vernacular varieties outside Britain. The purpose of this paper is to describe the conditions of the shift ...