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      Negation in non-standard varieties of English 

      Jaramillo Vila, Nagore (2020-11-20)
      This paper reviews the most prominent syntactic analyses that have been proposed in the literature for two non-standard negation phenomena: Negative Concord (NC) and Negative Inversion (NI). Linguistic theory has shown an ...
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      Negative Inversion in Standard English 

      Muñoz Martín, Lucía (2018-12-04)
      This paper focuses on the description of several controversial properties of Negative Inversion (NI) in Standard English. The first topic is the fact that, according to some scholars, subject-auxiliary (subj-aux) inversion ...
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      Null objects in English and Spanish recipes 

      Rodríguez Durán, Ane (2023-04-17)
      Even though English and Spanish are languages which do not usually allow null objects (NOs) in the general case, this phenomenon is possible in some special registers of the languages. English and Spanish speakers omit the ...
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      The Syntax of English and Basque wh-Exclamatives 

      Zubiaguirre Sebastián, Zuriñe (2017-11-24)
      This paper analyses the syntax of English and Basque wh-exclamatives and compares them, exploring their common grounds and dissimilarities.
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      Varieties of English: Dublin English 

      Román Vara, Leire (2022-03-08)
      The present paper gives a description of phonetic and morphosyntactic features that make Dublin English distinct from other varieties of Irish English. The English language has been present in Ireland since the twelfth ...
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      VP ellipsis in English and Swedish: a comparative study 

      Hedberg, Linda Emilia
      This comparative study analyses the verb phrase ellipsis phenomenon in English and in Swedish, which exhibit both similarities and differences. In this analysis, VP ellipsis –an elided verb phrase whose meaning is recovered ...