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      Ancient saltern metagenomics: tracking changes in microbes and their viruses from the underground to the surface 

      Ramos-Barbero, Mª Dolores; Viver, Tomeu; Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID; Senel, Ece; Gomariz, María; Antigüedad Auzmendi, Ignacio ORCID; Santos, Fernando; Martínez-García, Manuel; Rosselló-Móra, Ramon; Antón, Josefa (Wiley, 2021-07)
      Microbial communities in hypersaline underground waters derive from ancient organisms trapped within the evaporitic salt crystals and are part of the poorly known subterranean biosphere. Here, we characterized the viral ...
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      Cantera Gorria and Red Ereño: Natural and Cultural Geoheritage (Basque Country, Spain) 

      Damas Mollá, Laura; Aranburu Artano, Arantza ORCID; García Garmilla, Francisco; Uriarte Goti, Jesús Ángel; Aranburu Artano, Arantza; Bodego Aldasoro, Arantxa ORCID; Sagarna Aranburu, Maialen ORCID; Antigüedad Auzmendi, Ignacio ORCID; Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID (Springer, 2022)
      [EN] Construction and ornamental stones are important elements of cultural heritage and geoheritage. The quarries, where these materials are extracted, are a type of site that combines these two types of heritage. Both the ...
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      Improvement of low flows simulation in the SASER hydrological modeling chain 

      Cenobio Cruz, Omar; Quintana Seguí, Pere; Barella Ortiz, Anaïs; Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID; Garrote, Luis; Clavera Gispert, Roger; Habets, Florence; Beguería-Portugués, S. (Elsevier, 2023-01)
      The physically-based, spatially-distributed hydrometeorological model SASER, which is based on the SURFEX LSM, is used to model the hydrological cycle in several domains in Spain and southern France. In this study, the ...
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      Landforms of the lower Hushe Valley (Central Karakoram, Pakistan) 

      Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID; Álvarez González, Irantzu ORCID; Aranburu Artano, Arantza ORCID; Izagirre Estibaritz, Eñaut ORCID; Uriarte Goti, Jesús Ángel; Morales Juberías, Tomás ORCID; Antigüedad Auzmendi, Ignacio ORCID (Taylor & Francis, 2020-12-09)
      This paper presents a new geomorphological map for the lower Hushe Valley (below 3400 m asl), located to the SE of the Central Karakoram in Baltistan (North Pakistan). Fieldwork and remote sensing were combined to improve ...
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      Methodology for assessing the vulnerability of built cultural heritage 

      Damas Mollá, Laura; Sagarna Aranburu, Maialen ORCID; Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID; Aranburu Artano, Arantza ORCID; Antigüedad Auzmendi, Ignacio ORCID; Uriarte Goti, Jesús Ángel (Elsevier, 2022-11)
      The conservation of constructions, and especially of built heritage, requires complex studies concerning their Global Vulnerability. These studies have to consider the current state of the building, i.e. the degradation ...
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      Streamflow response of a small forested catchment on different timescales 

      Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID; Antigüedad Auzmendi, Ignacio ORCID (Copernicus Gesellschaft, 2013)
      The hydrological response of a catchment to rainfall on different timescales is result of a complex system involving a range of physical processes which may operate simultaneously and have different spatial and temporal ...
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      Streamflow trends of the Pyrenees using observations and multi-model approach (1980–2013) 

      Clavera Gispert, Roger; Quintana Seguí, Pere; Palazón, Leticia; Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID; Cenobio Cruz, Omar; Barella Ortiz, Anaïs; Beguería-Portugués, S. (Elsevier, 2023-04)
      Study region: The Pyrenees. Study focus: The Pyrenees is sensitive to changes in climate (both natural and of anthropic origin) and changes in land use and cover (LULC). These changes can influence the water resources. ...
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      Why Did Red Ereño Limestone Go Red? Linking Scientific Knowledge and Geoheritage Story-Telling (Basque Country, Spain) 

      Damas Mollá, Laura; Aranburu Artano, Arantza ORCID; Villalain, Juan José; García Garmilla, Francisco; García Garmilla, Francisco; Zabaleta Lopetegui, Ane ORCID; Bodego Aldasoro, Arantxa ORCID; Ladron de Guevara, Martin; Monge Ganuzas, Manuel; Antigüedad Auzmendi, Ignacio ORCID (Springer, 2023-09)
      Red Ereño is a red-stained ornamental and construction limestone with characteristic white fossil shells. Although exploited since Roman times, marketed worldwide and that the rock itself and its outcrop areas have been ...