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      Common-mode voltage mitigation in multiphase electric motor drive systems 

      Robles Pérez, Endika ORCID; Fernández Zubizarreta, Markel ORCID; Andreu Larrañaga, Jon ORCID; Ibarra Basabe, Edorta ORCID; Zaragoza, Jordi; Ugalde Olea, Unai ORCID (Elsevier, 2022-04)
      Common-mode voltage (CMV) produces serious reliability and electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues in modern pulse-width modulated (PWM) electric drives. Such issues will become more prominent in the near future, as ...
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      Decontamination of Ti Oxide Surfaces by Using Ultraviolet Light: Hg-Vapor vs. LED-Based Irradiation 

      Arroyo Lamas, Nagore; Ugalde Olea, Unai ORCID; Arteagoitia Calvo, María Iciar ORCID (MDPI, 2020-10-22)
      C-range Ultraviolet (UVC) mercury (Hg)-vapor lamps have shown the successful decontamination of hydrocarbons and antimicrobial effects from titanium surfaces. This study focused on surface chemistry modifications of titanium ...
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      Interleaving Modulation Schemes in Asymmetrical Dual Three-Phase Machines for the DC-Link Stress Reduction 

      De Marcos, Ander; Robles Pérez, Endika ORCID; Ugalde Olea, Unai ORCID; Martínez de Alegría Mancisidor, Iñigo ORCID; Andreu Larrañaga, Jon ORCID (MDPI, 2023-02-10)
      The DC-Link capacitor plays a crucial role as far as power density and reliability are concerned: it occupies approximately 40% of the inverter, and causes approximately 30% of its failures. Asymmetrical dual three-phase ...
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      Multiple current amplifier-based gate driving for parallel operation of discrete SiC MOSFETs 

      Aretxabaleta Astoreka, Iker; Martínez de Alegría Mancisidor, Iñigo ORCID; Gárate Añibarro, José Ignacio ORCID; Ugalde Olea, Unai ORCID; Martín González, José Luis ORCID (Wiley, 2022-03)
      The shorter switching times of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs enable power converters to operate at higher frequencies than with silicon IGBTs. However, because SiC MOSFET die sizes are still relatively small, several devices ...
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      Surface Activation of Titanium Dental Implants by Using UVC-LED Irradiation 

      Arroyo Lamas, Nagore; Arteagoitia Calvo, María Iciar ORCID; Ugalde Olea, Unai ORCID (MDPI, 2021-03-05)
      Organic contaminants significantly limit the bioactivity of titanium implants, resulting in the degradation known as the ageing of titanium. To reactivate the surfaces, they can be photofunctionalized, i.e., irradiated ...