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      Boosting background suppression in the NEXT experiment through Richardson-Lucy deconvolution 

      The NEXT collaboration; Almazán, H.; Aparicio Gil, Borja; Aranburu Leiva, Ane Izaskun; Benlloch-Rodríguez, J.M.; Cossío Mora, Fernando Pedro; Ferrario, P.; Generowicz, J.; Gómez Cadenas, Juan J.; Herrero, P.; Martínez-Vara, M.; Monrabal, Francesc; Oblak, E.; Odriozola Gimeno, Mikel; Ripoll, L.; Rivilla de la Cruz, Iván; Rogero Blanco, Celia; Romeo, B.; Romo-Luque, C.; Santos, F.P.; Dos Santos, J.M.F.; Sorel, M.; Stanford, C.; Teixeira, J.M.R.; Thapa, P.; Toledo, J.F.; Torrent, J.; Usón, A.; Veloso, J.F.C.A.; Vuong, T.T.; Webb, R.; White, J.T.; Woodruff, K.; Yahlali, N. (Springer, 2021-07-21)
      Next-generation neutrinoless double beta decay experiments aim for half-life sensitivities of similar to 10(27) yr, requiring suppressing backgrounds to < 1 count/tonne/yr. For this, any extra background rejection handle, ...
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      Boron Tolerance in Aspergillus nidulans Is Sustained by the SltA Pathway Through the SLC-Family Transporters SbtA and SbtB 

      Villarino, Maria; Echeveste Juárez, Oier; Mendizabal, Gorka; Garzia, Aitor; Ugalde Martínez, Unai (MDPI, 2017-07-21)
      Microbial cells interact with the environment by adapting to external changes. Signal transduction pathways participate in both sensing and responding in the form of modification of gene expression patterns, enabling cell ...
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      Bottom-up Fabrication and Atomic-Scale Characterization of Triply Linked, Laterally π-Extended Porphyrin Nanotapes 

      Sun, Qiang; Mateo, Luis M.; Robles Rodríguez, Roberto; Lorente Palacios, Nicolás; Ruffieux, Pascal; Bottari, Giovanni; Torres, Tomás; Fasel, Roman (Wiley, 2021-07-12)
      Porphyrin nanotapes (Por NTs) are promising structures for their use as molecular wires thanks to a high degree of pi-conjugation, low HOMO-LUMO gaps, and exceptional conductance. Such structures have been prepared in ...
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      Bound Entangled Singlet-Like States for Quantum Metrology 

      Pal, Karoly F.; Tóth, Géza; Bene, Erika; Vértesi, Tamás (American Physical Society, 2021-05-10)
      Bipartite entangled quantum states with a positive partial transpose (PPT), i.e., PPT entangled states, are usually considered very weakly entangled. Since no pure entanglement can be distilled from them, they are also ...
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      Bovine Neutrophils Release Extracellular Traps and Cooperate With Macrophages in Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis Clearance In Vitro 

      Ladero Auñón, Iraia; Molina, Elena; Holder, Angela; Kolakowski, Jeannine; Harris, Heather; Urkitza, Alfonso; Anguita Castillo, Juan de Dios; Werling, Dirk; Elguezabal Vega, Natalia María (Frontiers Media, 2021-03-17)
      Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (Map) is the underlying pathogen causing bovine paratuberculosis (PTB), an enteric granulomatous disease that mainly affects ruminants and for which an effective treatment is ...
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      BRAF V600E mutational load as a prognosis biomarker in malignant melanoma 

      Sevilla Mambrilla, Arrate; Morales González, María Celia; Ezcurra García Unzueta, Pilar Ariadna; Rasero, Javier; Velasco, Verónica; Cancho Galán, Goikoane; Sánchez Díez, Ana; Mujika, Karmele; Penas, Cristina; Smith Zubiaga, Isabel; Asumendi Mallea, Aintzane; Cortés Díaz, Jesús María; Boyano López, María Dolores; Alonso Alegre, Santos (Public Library Science, 2020-03-13)
      Analyzing the mutational load of driver mutations in melanoma could provide valuable information regarding its progression. We aimed at analyzing the heterogeneity of mutational load of BRAF V600E in biopsies of melanoma ...
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      Brain connectivity and cognitive functioning in individuals six months after multiorgan failure 

      Jiménez Marín, Antonio; Rivera, Diego; Boado, Victoria; Diez, Ibai; Labayen Beraza, Fermín; Garrido, Irati; Ramos Usuga, Daniela; Benito Sánchez, Itziar; Rasero, Javier; Cabrera Zubizarreta, Alberto; Gabilondo Cuellar, Iñigo; Stramaglia, Sebastiano; Arango Lasprilla, Juan Carlos; Cortés Díaz, Jesús María (Elsevier, 2019-12)
      Abstract Multiorgan failure (MOF) is a life-threating condition that affects two or more systems of organs not involved in the disorder that motivates admission to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Patients who survive MOF ...
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      Brain White Matter Correlates of Creativity in Schizophrenia: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study 

      Sampedro, Agurne; Peña Lasa, Javier; Ibarretxe Bilbao, Naroa; Cabrera Zubizarreta, Alberto; Sánchez Gómez, Pedro María; Gómez Gastiasoro, Ainara; Iriarte Yoller, Nagore; Pavón, Cristóbal; Ojeda, Natalia (Frontiers Media, 2020-06)
      The relationship between creativity and psychopathology has been a controversial research topic for decades. Specifically, it has been shown that people with schizophrenia have an impairment in creative performance. However, ...
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      Brca1 is expressed in human microglia and is dysregulated in human and animal model of ALS 

      Noristani, Harun Najib; Sabourin, Jean Charles; Gerber, Yannick Nicolas; Teigell, Marisa; Sommacal, Andreas; Vivanco Ruiz, María del Mar; Weber, Markus; Perrin, Florence (Biomed Central, 2015-08-01)
      Background: There is growing evidence that microglia are key players in the pathological process of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It is suggested that microglia have a dual role in motoneurone degeneration through ...
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      Breed effect on quality veal production in mountain areas: Emphasis on meat 

      Aldai Elkoro-Iribe, Noelia; Lavín González, María Paz; Kramer, J. K. G.; Jaroso, Raquel; Mantecón, Angel R. (Elsevier, 2012)
      This study was designed to compare the quality of veal produced from ‘Tudanca x Charolais’ cross (n=6) and Limousin (n=6) breeds when allowed to feed freely on mountain pastures and suckle naturally from birth to 7 months ...
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      Broad Phenotypes of Disorders/Differences of Sex Development in MAMLD1 Patients Through Oligogenic Disease 

      Flueck, Christa E.; Audi, Laura; Fernández Cancio, Mónica; Sauter, Kay Sara; Martínez de la Piscina Martín, Idoia; Castaño González, Luis Antonio; Esteva, Isabel; Camats, Nuria (Frontiers Media, 2019-08-29)
      Disorders/differences of sex development (DSD) are the result of a discordance between chromosomal, gonadal, and genital sex. DSD may be due to mutations in any of the genes involved in sex determination and development ...
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      Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy Study of Biobased Poly(alkylene 2,5-furanoate)s’ Molecular Dynamics 

      Soccio, Michelina; Martínez Tong, Daniel Enrique; Guidotti, Giulia; Robles Hernández, Beatriz; Munari, Andrea; Lotti, Nadia; Alegría Loinaz, Angel María (MDPI, 2020-06-16)
      Abstract Poly(2,5-alkylene furanoate)s are bio-based, smart, and innovative polymers that are considered the most promising materials to replace oil-based plastics. These polymers can be synthesized using ecofriendly ...
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      Broadening horizons 3. Conference of Young Researchers working in the ancient near east de F. Borrell Tena; M. Bouso García; A. Gómez Bach.; C. Tornero Dacasa y O. Vicente Campos 

      Alarashi, Hala (Arkeogazte: Asociación de Jóvenes Investigadores en Arqueología Prehistórica e Histórica, 2013)
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      Brownian Dynamics Computational Model of Protein Diffusion in Crowded Media with Dextran Macromolecules as Obstacles 

      Blanco, Pablo M; Via Nadal, Mireia; Garces, Josep Lluis; Madurga, Sergio; Mas, Francesc (MDPI, 2017-03-09)
      The high concentration of macromolecules (i.e., macromolecular crowding) in cellular environments leads to large quantitative effects on the dynamic and equilibrium biological properties. These effects have been experimentally ...
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      Browning Effects of a Chronic Pterostilbene Supplementation in Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet 

      La Spina, Martina; Galletta, Eva; Azzolini, Michele; Gómez Zorita, Saioa; Parrasia, Sofia; Salvalaio, Marika; Salmaso, Andrea; Biasutto, Lucia (MDPI, 2019-10-29)
      Obesity and related comorbidities are a major health concern. The drugs used to treat these conditions are largely inadequate or dangerous, and a well-researched approach based on nutraceuticals would be highly useful. ...
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      Brønsted Base Catalyzed One-Pot Synthesis od Stereodefined Six-Member Carbocycles Featuring Transient Trienolates and a Key Intramolecular 1,6-Addition 

      Olaizola Aizpuru, Olatz; Iriarte Arrieta, Igor; Zanella, Giovanna; Gómez Bengoa, Enrique; Gamboa Landa, José Ignacio; Oyarbide Garmendia, Juan Miguel; Palomo Nicolau, Claudio (Wiley-VCH, 2019-07-31)
      Acatalyst-driven one-pot reaction sequence is developed for the enantio- and diastereoselective synthesis of tetrasubstituted cyclohexenes from simple unsaturated ketones or thioesters.The method involves atertiary ...
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      BSA- and Elastin-Coated GO, but Not Collagen-Coated GO, Enhance the Biological Performance of Alginate Hydrogels 

      Raslan, Ahmed; Sáenz del Burgo Martínez, Laura; Espona Noguera, Albert; Ochoa de Retana Mendibil, Ana María; Sanjuán, María Luisa; Cañibano Hernández, Alberto; Gálvez Martín, Patricia; Ciriza Astrain, Jesús; Pedraz Muñoz, José Luis (MDPI, 2020-06-11)
      The use of embedded cells within alginate matrices is a developing technique with great clinical applications in cell-based therapies. However, one feature that needs additional investigation is the improvement of ...
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      Building capacity for health promotion by addressing nurses' role confusion: Study protocol of a pilot clustered randomised controlled trial 

      Iriarte Roteta, Andrea; López de Dicastillo Sáinz de Murieta, Olga; Mujika Zabaleta, Agurtzane; Antoñanzas Baztan, Elena; Hernantes Colias, Naia; Galán Espinilla, María José; Pumar Méndez, María Jesús (Wiley, 2021-08-21)
      Aim To describe the protocol for the pilot phase of a complex intervention, designed to address primary care nurses' role confusion in health promotion. Design A pilot clustered randomized controlled trial, with control ...
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      Building IoT Applications with Raspberry Pi and Low Power IQRF Communication Modules 

      Calvo Gordillo, Isidro; Gil-García Leiva, José Miguel; Recio, Igor; López, Asier; Quesada Castellano, Jerónimo (MDPI, 2016-09)
      Typical Internet of Things (IoT) applications involve collecting information automatically from diverse geographically-distributed smart sensors and concentrating the information into more powerful computers. The Raspberry ...
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      Building synthetic simulated environments for configuring and training multi-camera systems for surveillance applications 

      Aranjuelo Ansa, Nerea; García Castaño, Jorge; Unzueta Irurtia, Luis; García Torres, Sara; Elordi Hidalgo, Unai; Otaegui Madurga, Oihana (SciTePress, Science and Technology Publications, Lda, 2021)
      [EN] Synthetic simulated environments are gaining popularity in the Deep Learning Era, as they can alleviate the effort and cost of two critical tasks to build multi-camera systems for surveillance applications: setting ...