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      QoE-Oriented Mobile Edge Service Management Leveraging SDN and NFV 

      Peng, Shuping; Fajardo Portillo, José Oscar; Khodashenas, Pouria Sayyad; Blanco Jauregui, Begoña; Liberal Malaina, Fidel; Ruiz, Cristina; Turyagyenda, Charles; Wilson, Mick; Vadgama, Sunil (Hindawi, 2017)
      5G envisages a "hyperconnected society" where trillions of diverse entities could communicate with each other anywhere and at any time, some of which will demand extremely challenging performance requirements such as ...
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      Qualitative analysis of a discrete-time phytoplankton–zooplankton model with Holling type-II response and toxicity 

      Khan, Muhammad Salman; Samreen, María; Aydi, Hassen; De la Sen Parte, Manuel (Springer, 2021-10-09)
      [EN]The interaction among phytoplankton and zooplankton is one of the most important processes in ecology. Discrete-time mathematical models are commonly used for describing the dynamical properties of phytoplankton and ...
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      Quality and Environmental Management Linkage: A Review of the Literature 

      Allur Aranburu, Erlantz; Heras-Saizarbitoria, Iñaki; Boiral, Olivier; Testa, Francesco (MDPI, 2018-11-21)
      This article presents a conceptual and empirical review of the literature related to the link between the different perspectives, models, and tools associated with Quality Management and Environmental Management. Several ...
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      Quantification of Biomarker Functionality Predicts Patient Outcomes 

      Larijani, Banafshé; Miles, James; Ward, Stephen G.; Parker, Peter J. (Springer Nature, 2021-05-11)
      Implementation of a quantitative molecular imaging method (iFRET), which determines receptor–ligand interactions, has led to the finding that patients with a low extent of PD-1/PD-L1 interaction in metastatic NSCLC, and ...
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      Quantification of Ceftaroline in Human Plasma Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Ultraviolet Detection: Application to Pharmacokinetic Studies 

      Alarcia Lacalle, Ana; Barrasa González, Helena; Maynar, Javier; Canut Blasco, Andrés; Gómez González, Carmen; Solinís Aspiazu, María Ángeles; Isla Ruiz, Arantxazu; Rodríguez Gascón, Alicia (MDPI, 2021-06-25)
      This study was conducted to develop a rapid, simple and reproducible method for the quantification of ceftaroline in plasma samples by high-performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection (HPLC-UV). Sample ...
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      Quantifying electronic band interactions in van der Waals materials using angle-resolved reflected-electron spectroscopy 

      Jobst, Johannes; Van der Torren, Alexander J.H.; Krasovskii, Eugene E.; Balgley, Jesse; Dean, Cory R.; Tromp, Rudolf M.; Van der Molen, Sense Jan (Nature Publishing, 2016-11-29)
      High electron mobility is one of graphene's key properties, exploited for applications and fundamental research alike. Highest mobility values are found in heterostructures of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride, which ...
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      Quantifying Knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease: an Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of the Alzheimer's Disease Knowledge Scale 

      García Ribas, Guillermo; García Arcelay, Elena; Montoya, Alonso; Maurino, Jorge; Ballesteros Rodríguez, Francisco Javier (Springer, 2021-06)
      Introduction: The Alzheimer's Disease Knowledge Scale (ADKS) is one of the most popular instruments for assessing a person's knowledge regarding Alzheimer's disease (AD). The objective of this study was to explore ADKS ...
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      Quantifying the patients perspective in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder: Psychometric properties of the SymptoMScreen questionnaire 

      Meca Lallana, José E.; Maurino, Jorge; Pérez Miralles, Francisco; Forero, Lucía; Sepúlveda, María; Calles, Carmen; Martínez Ginés, María L.; González Suárez, Inés; Boyero, Sabas; Romero Pinel, Lucía; Sempere, Ángel P.; Meca Lallana, Virginia; Querol, Luis; Costa Frossard, Lucienne; Prefasi, Daniel; Gómez Ballesteros, Rocío; Ballesteros Rodríguez, Francisco Javier (Public Library Of Science, 2021-07-29)
      BACKGROUND: The assessment of self-reported outcomes in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) is limited by the lack of validated disease-specific measures. The SymptoMScreen (SyMS) is a patient-reported questionnaire ...
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      Quantitative Determination of Acrolein in Cider by 1H NMR Spectrometry 

      De las Heras, Enaitz; Zuriarrain Ocio, Andoni; Zuriarrain Ocio, Juan; Bordagaray Eizaguirre, Ane; Dueñas Chasco, María Teresa; Berregi Abalde, Iñaki (MDPI, 2020-12-08)
      Acrolein occasionally appears in cider, completely spoiling its quality due to its bitter taste. It is crucial to detect it in the early steps, before the taste is severely affected, to apply the appropriate treatment. A ...
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      Quantitative proteomic analysis of Parkin substrates in Drosophila neurons 

      Martínez, Aitor; Lectez, Benoit; Ramírez Sánchez, Juan Manuel; Popp, Oliver; Sutherland, James D.; Urbé, Sylvie; Dittmar, Gunnar; Clague, Michael J.; Mayor Martínez, Ugo (Biomed Central, 2017-04-11)
      Background: Parkin (PARK2) is an E3 ubiquitin ligase that is commonly mutated in Familial Parkinson's Disease (PD). In cell culture models, Parkin is recruited to acutely depolarised mitochondria by PINK1. PINK1 activates ...
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      Quantum anharmonic enhancement of superconductivity in P63/mmc ScH6 at high pressures: A first-principles study 

      Hou, Pugeng; Belli, Francesco; Bianco, Raffaello; Errea Lope, Ion (AIP Publishing, 2021-11-05)
      Making use of first-principles calculations, we analyze the effect of quantum ionic fluctuations and lattice anharmonicity on the crystal structure and superconductivity of P63/mmc ScH6 in the 100–160 GPa pressure range ...
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      Quantum Artificial Life in an IBM Quantum Computer 

      Álvarez Rodríguez, Unai; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel; Lamata Manuel, Lucas; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas (Nature Publishing, 2018-10-04)
      We present the first experimental realization of a quantum artificial life algorithm in a quantum computer. The quantum biomimetic protocol encodes tailored quantum behaviors belonging to living systems, namely, self-replication, ...
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      Quantum cosmology of the Big Rip: Within GR and in a modified theory of gravity 

      Bouhmadi López, Mariam; Albarran, Imanol; Chen, Che-Yu (MDPI, 2017-04-14)
      Quantum gravity is the theory that is expected to successfully describe systems that are under strong gravitational effects while at the same time being of an extreme quantum nature. When this principle is applied to the ...
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      Quantum crystal structure in the 250-kelvin superconducting lanthanum hydride 

      Errea Lope, Ion; Belli, Francesco; Monacelli, Lorenzo; Sanna, Antonio; Koretsune, Takashi; Tadano, Terumasa; Bianco, Raffaello; Calandra, Matteo; Arita, Ryotaro; Mauri, Francesco; Flores-Livas, Jose A. (Springer Nature, 2020-02-05)
      The discovery of superconductivity at 200 kelvin in the hydrogen sulfide system at high pressures demonstrated the potential of hydrogen-rich materials as high-temperature superconductors. Recent theoretical predictions ...
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      Quantum Emulation of Gravitational Waves 

      Fernández-Corbaton, Iván; Cirio, Mauro; Büse, Alexander; Lamata Manuel, Lucas; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas; Molina-Terriza, Gabriel (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-14)
      Gravitational waves, as predicted by Einstein's general relativity theory, appear as ripples in the fabric of spacetime traveling at the speed of light. We prove that the propagation of small amplitude gravitational waves ...
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      Quantum entanglement in de Sitter space with a wall and the decoherence of bubble universes 

      Albrecht, Andreas; Kanno, Sugumi; Sasaki, Misao (American Physical Society, 2018-04-30)
      We study the effect of a bubble wall on the entanglement entropy of a free massive scalar field between two causally disconnected open charts in de Sitter space. We assume there is a delta-functional wall between the open ...
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      Quantum illumination reveals phase-shift inducing cloaking 

      Las Heras García, Urtzi; Di Candia, Roberto; Fedorov, K. G.; Deppe, F.; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas (Nature Publishing, 2017-08-24)
      In quantum illumination entangled light is employed to enhance the detection accuracy of an object when compared with the best classical protocol. On the other hand, cloaking is a stealth technology based on covering a ...
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      Quantum Memristors in Frequency-Entangled Optical Fields 

      González Raya, Tasio; Lukens, Joseph M.; Céleri, Lucas C.; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel (MDPI, 2020-02-14)
      A quantum memristor is a passive resistive circuit element with memory, engineered in a given quantum platform. It can be represented by a quantum system coupled to a dissipative environment, in which a system–bath ...
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      Quantum Memristors With Superconducting Circuits 

      Salmilehto, J.; Deppe, F.; Di Ventra, M.; Sanz Ruiz, Mikel; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-02-14)
      Memristors are resistive elements retaining information of their past dynamics. They have garnered substantial interest due to their potential for representing a paradigm change in electronics, information processing and ...
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      Quantum plasmonics: from jellium models to ab initio calculations 

      Varas Barboza, Alejandro; García-González, Pablo; Feist, Johannes; García-Vidal, F.J.; Rubio Secades, Angel (Walter de Gruyter, 2016-08)
      Light-matter interaction in plasmonic nanostructures is often treated within the realm of classical optics. However, recent experimental findings show the need to go beyond the classical models to explain and predict the ...