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      COVID-19 Infection Percentage Estimation from Computed Tomography Scans: Results and Insights from the International Per-COVID-19 Challenge 

      Bougourzi, Fares; Distante, Cosimo; Dornaika, Fadi; Taleb-Ahmed, Abdelmalik; Hadid, Abdenour; Chaudhary, Suman; Yang, Wanting; Qiang, Yan; Anwar, Talha; Breaban, Mihaela Elena; Hsu, Chih-Chung; Tai, Shen-Chieh; Chen, Shao-Ning; Tricarico, Davide; Chaudhry, Hafiza Ayesha Hoor; Fiandrotti, Attilio; Grangetto, Marco; Spatafora, Maria Ausilia Napoli; Ortis, Alessandro; Battiato, Sebastiano (MDPI, 2024-02-28)
      COVID-19 analysis from medical imaging is an important task that has been intensively studied in the last years due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, medical imaging has often been used as a complementary ...
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      Face Presentation Attack Detection Using Deep Background Subtraction 

      Benlamoudi, Azeddine; Bekhouche, Salah Eddine; Korichi, Maarouf; Bensid, Khaled; Ouahabi, Abdeldjalil; Hadid, Abdenour; Taleb-Ahmed, Abdelmalik (MDPI, 2022-05-15)
      Currently, face recognition technology is the most widely used method for verifying an individual’s identity. Nevertheless, it has increased in popularity, raising concerns about face presentation attacks, in which a photo ...
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      Per-COVID-19: A Benchmark Dataset for COVID-19 Percentage Estimation from CT-Scans 

      Bougourzi, Fares; Distante, Cosimo; Ouafi, Abdelkrim; Dornaika, Fadi; Hadid, Abdenour; Taleb-Ahmed, Abdelmalik (MDPI, 2021-09-18)
      COVID-19 infection recognition is a very important step in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many methods have been used to recognize COVID-19 infection including Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain ...