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      Epigenetic remodelling of enhancers in response to estrogen deprivation and re-stimulation 

      Sklias, Athena; Halaburkova, Andrea; Vanzan, Ludovica; Fernández Jiménez, Nora ORCID; Cuenin, Cyrille; Bouaoun, Liacine; Cahais, Vincent; Ythier, Victor; Salle, Aurelie; Renard, Claire; Durand, Geoffroy; Le Calvez Kelm, Florence; Khoueiry, Rita; Murr, Rabih; Herceg, Zdenko (Oxford University Press, 2021-09-27)
      Estrogen hormones are implicated in a majority of breast cancers and estrogen receptor alpha (ER), the main nuclear factor mediating estrogen signaling, orchestrates a complex molecular circuitry that is not yet fully ...
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      Human mitochondrial DNA is extensively methylated in a non-CpG context 

      Patil, Vibha; Cuenin, Cyrille; Chung, Felicia; Rodríguez Aguilera, Jesús R.; Fernández Jiménez, Nora ORCID; Romero Garmendia, Irati; Bilbao Catalá, José Ramón ORCID; Cahais, Vincent; Rothwell, Joseph; Herceg, Zdenko (Oxford University Press, 2019-09-06)
      Mitochondrial dysfunction plays critical roles in cancer development and related therapeutic response; however, exact molecular mechanisms remain unclear. Recently, alongside the discovery of mitochondrial-specific DNA ...
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      The methylome of the celiac intestinal epithelium harbours genotype-independent alterations in the HLA region 

      Fernández Jiménez, Nora ORCID; García Etxebarria, Koldo; Plaza Izurieta, Leticia; Romero Garmendia, Irati; Jauregi Miguel, Amaia ORCID; Legarda, Maria; Ecsedi, Szilvia; Castellanos Rubio, Ainara; Cahais, Vincent; Cuenin, Cyrille; Degli Esposti, Davide; Irastorza Terradillos, Iñaki Xarles ORCID; Hernandez-Vargas, Hector; Herceg, Zdenko; Bilbao Catalá, José Ramón ORCID (Nature Publishing, 2019-02-04)
      The Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) locus and other DNA sequence variants identified in Genome-Wide Association (GWA) studies explain around 50% of the heritability of celiac disease (CD). However, the pathogenesis of CD ...
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      Transcription Factor Binding Site Enrichment Analysis In Co-Expression Modules In Celiac Disease 

      Romero Garmendia, Irati; García Etxebarria, Koldo; Hernández Vargas, Hector; Santín Gómez, Izortze ORCID; Jauregi Miguel, Amaia ORCID; Plaza Izurieta, Leticia; Cros, Marie-Pierre; Legarda Tamara, María; Irastorza Terradillos, Iñaki Xarles ORCID; Herceg, Zdenko; Fernández Jiménez, Nora ORCID; Bilbao Catalá, José Ramón ORCID (MDPI, 2018-05-10)
      The aim of this study was to construct celiac co-expression patterns at a whole genome level and to identify transcription factors (TFs) that could drive the gliadin-related changes in coordination of gene expression ...