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      CoproID predicts the source of coprolites and paleofeces using microbiome composition and host DNA content 

      Borry​, Maxime; Cordova, Bryan; Perri, Angela; Wibowo, Marsha; Prasad Honap, Tanvi; Ko, Jada; Yu, Jie; Britton, Kate; Girdland-Flink, Linus; Power, Robert C.; Stuijts, Ingelise; Salazar García, Domingo Carlos ORCID; Hofman, Courtney; Hagan, Richard; Samdapawindé Kagoné, Thérèse; Meda, Nicolas; Carabin, Helene; Jacobson, David; Reinhard, Karl; Lewis, Cecil; Kostic, Aleksandar; Jeong, Choongwon; Herbig, Alexander; Hübner, Alexander; Warinner, Christina (2020-04-17)
      Shotgun metagenomics applied to archaeological feces (paleofeces) can bring new insights into the composition and functions of human and animal gut microbiota from the past. However, paleofeces often undergo physical ...