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      Focusing of in-plane hyperbolic polaritons in van der Waals crystals with tailored infrared nanoantennas 

      Martín Sánchez, J.; Duan, J.; Taboada Gutiérrez, J.; Álvarez Pérez, G.; Voronin, Kirill V.; Prieto, Iván; Ma, Weiliang; Bao, Qiaoliang; Volkov, Valentyn S.; Hillenbrand, Rainer; Nikitin, Alexey Y.; Alonso González, Pablo (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2021-10)
      [EN]Phonon polaritons (PhPs)-light coupled to lattice vibrations-with in-plane hyperbolic dispersion exhibit ray-like propagation with large wave vectors and enhanced density of optical states along certain directions on ...