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      A Method for Dynamically Selecting the Best Frequency Hopping Technique in Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Applications 

      Fernández de Gorostiza, Erlantz; Berzosa Macho, Jorge; Mabe Alvarez, Jon; Cortiñas Rodríguez, Roberto ORCID (MDPI, 2018-02-23)
      Industrial wireless applications often share the communication channel with other wireless technologies and communication protocols. This coexistence produces interferences and transmission errors which require appropriate ...
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      Anti-miR-518d-5p Overcomes Liver Tumor Cell Death Resistance Through Mitochondrial Activity 

      Fernández Tussy, Pablo; Rodríguez Agudo, Rubén; Fernández Ramos, David; Barbier Torres, Lucía; Zubiete Franco, Imanol; López de Davalillo, Sergio; Herráez Aguilar, Elisa; Goikoetxea Usandizaga, Naroa; Lachiondo Ortega, Sofía; Simón Espinosa, Jorge; Lopitz Otsoa, Fernando; Gutiérrez de Juan, Virginia; McCain, Misti V.; Perugorria Montiel, María Jesús; Mabe Alvarez, Jon; Navasa, Nicolás; Rodrigues, Cecilia M. P.; Fabregat, Isabel; Boix, Loreto; Sapena, Victor; Anguita Castillo, Juan de Dios; Lu, Shelly C.; Mato, José M.; Bañales Asurmendi, Jesús María ORCID; Villa, Erica; Reeves, Helen L.; Bruix, Jordi; Reig, María; Marín, José J. G.; Cardoso Delgado, Teresa de Jesús; Martínez Chantar, María Luz ORCID (Springer Nature, 2021-05-28)
      Dysregulation of miRNAs is a hallmark of cancer, modulating oncogenes, tumor suppressors, and drug responsiveness. The multi-kinase inhibitor sorafenib is one of the first-line drugs for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma ...
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      Embedded Sensor Systems in Medical Devices: Requisites and Challenges Ahead 

      Arandia, Nerea; Gárate Añibarro, José Ignacio ORCID; Mabe Alvarez, Jon (MDPI, 2022-12-16)
      The evolution of technology enables the design of smarter medical devices. Embedded Sensor Systems play an important role, both in monitoring and diagnostic devices for healthcare. The design and development of Embedded ...
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      Introducing the Electronic Knowledge Framework into the Traditional Automotive Suppliers’ Industry: From Mechanical Engineering to Mechatronics 

      Gumiel Quintana, José Ángel ORCID; Mabe Alvarez, Jon; Jiménez Verde, Jaime ORCID; Barruetabeña, Jon (MDPI, 2022)
      The automotive sector is undergoing radical changes. New trends such as electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity, and car-sharing—to name a few—are disturbing the carmakers, which must satisfy their clients while ...
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      Medical Devices with Embedded Sensor Systems: Design and Development Methodology for Start-Ups 

      Arandia, Nerea; Gárate Añibarro, José Ignacio ORCID; Mabe Alvarez, Jon (MDPI, 2023-02-26)
      Embedded systems have become a key technology for the evolution of medical devices. However, the regulatory requirements that must be met make designing and developing these devices challenging. As a result, many start-ups ...
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      Mitochondrial bioenergetics boost macrophage activation, promoting liver regeneration in metabolically compromised animals 

      Goikoetxea Usandizaga, Naroa; Serrano Maciá, Marina; Delgado, Teresa C.; Simón Espinosa, Jorge; Fernández Ramos, David; Barriales, Diego; Cornide, María E.; Jiménez, Mónica; Pérez Redondo, Marina; Lachiondo Ortega, Sofía; Rodríguez Agudo, Rubén; Bizkarguenaga, Maider; Diego Zalamea, Juan; Pasco, Samuel T.; Caballero Díaz, Daniel; Alfano, Benedetta; Bravo Garmendia, Miren; González Recio, Irene; Mercado Gómez, María; Gil Pitarch, Clàudia; Mabe Alvarez, Jon; Gracia Sancho, Jordi; Abecia Aliende, Leticia ORCID; Lorenzo, Oscar; Martín Sanz, Paloma; Abrescia, Nicola A.G.; Sabio, Guadalupe; Rincón, Mercedes; Anguita Castillo, Juan de Dios; Miñambres, Eduardo; Martín, César; Berenguer, Marina; Fabregat, Isabel; Casado, Marta; Peralta, Carmen; Varela Rey, Marta; Martínez Chantar, María Luz ORCID (Wiley, 2022-03)
      [EN] Background and Aims Hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) is the leading cause of early posttransplantation organ failure as mitochondrial respiration and ATP production are affected. A shortage of donors has ...
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      Next-Generation Pedal: Integration of Sensors in a Braking Pedal for a Full Brake-by-Wire System 

      Gumiel Quintana, José Ángel ORCID; Mabe Alvarez, Jon; Burguera, Fernando; Jiménez Verde, Jaime; Barruetabeña, Jon (MDPI, 2023-07-12)
      This article presents a novel approach to designing and validating a fully electronic braking pedal, addressing the growing integration of electronics in vehicles. With the imminent rise of brake-by-wire (BBW) technology, ...
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      Photonic Low Cost Micro-Sensor for in-Line Wear Particle Detection in Flowing Lube Oils 

      Mabe Alvarez, Jon; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni ORCID; Gorritxategi, Eneko (MDPI, 2017-03)
      The presence of microscopic particles in suspension in industrial fluids is often an early warning of latent or imminent failures in the equipment or processes where they are being used. This manuscript describes work ...