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      Early Results from GLASS-JWST. VIII. An Extremely Magnified Blue Supergiant Star at Redshift 2.65 in the A2744 Cluster Field 

      Chen, Wenlei; Kelly, Patrick L.; Treu, Tommaso; Wang, Xin; Roberts Borsani, Guido; Keen, Allison; Windhorst, Rogier A.; Zhou, Rui; Bradac, Marusa; Brammer, Gabriel; Strait, Victoria; Broadhurst, Thomas; Diego, José; Frye, Brenda L.; Meena, Ashish Kumar; Zitrin, Adi; Pascale, Massimo; Castellano, Marco; Marchesini, Danilo; Morishita, Takahiro; Yang, Lilan (IOP, 2022-12)
      We report the discovery of an extremely magnified star at redshift z = 2.65 in the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) NIRISS pre-imaging of the A2744 galaxy-cluster field. The star's background host galaxy lies on a fold ...