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      Associations between Coping Strategies and Cyberhate Involvement: Evidence from Adolescents across Three World Regions 

      Wachs, Sebastian; Machimbarrena Garagorri, Juan Manuel; Wright, Michelle F.; Gámez-Guadix, Manuel; Yang, Soeun; Sittichai, Ruthaychonnee; Singh, Ritu; Biswal, Ramakrishna; Flora, Katerina; Daskalou, Vassiliki; Maziridou, Evdoxia; Hong, Jun Sung; Krause, Norman (MDPI, 2022)
      Cyberhate represents a risk to adolescents’ development and peaceful coexistence in democratic societies. Yet, not much is known about the relationship between adolescents’ ability to cope with cyberhate and their cyberhate ...