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      Air Pollution, Residential Greenness and Metabolic Dysfunction during Early Pregnancy in the INfancia y Medio Ambiente (INMA) Cohort 

      Rammah, Amal; Whitworth, Kristina W.; Amos, Christopher I.; Estarlich, Marisa; Guxens, Mónica; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Iñiguez, Carmen; Subiza Pérez, Mikel; Vrijheid, Martine; Symanski, Elaine (MDPI, 2021-09-04)
      Despite extensive study, the role of air pollution in gestational diabetes remains unclear, and there is limited evidence of the beneficial impact of residential greenness on metabolic dysfunction during pregnancy. We used ...
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      Association of Maternal Iodine Status With Child IQ: A Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant Data 

      Levie, Deborah; Korevaar, Tim; Bath, Sarah C.; Murcia, Mario; Dineva, Mariana; Llop, Sabrina; Espada Sáenz-Torre, Mercedes; Van Herwaarden, Antonius E.; De Rijke, Yolanda B.; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Sunyer, Jordi; Tiemeier, Henning; Rayman, Margaret P.; Guxens, Mónica; Peeters, Robin P. (Endocrine Society, 2019-03-28)
      Context: Although the consequences of severe iodine deficiency are beyond doubt, the effects of mild to moderate iodine deficiency in pregnancy on child neurodevelopment are less well established. Objective: To study the ...
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      Causal Effects of Prenatal Exposure to PM2.5 on Child Development and the Role of Unobserved Confounding 

      Tozzi, Viola; Lertxundi Manterola, Aitana; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Baccini, Michela (MDPI, 2019-11-09)
      Prenatal exposure to airborne particles is a potential risk factor for infant neuropsychological development. This issue is usually explored by regression analysis under the implicit assumption that all relevant confounders ...
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      Characterisation of Exposure to Non-Ionising Electromagnetic Fields in the Spanish INMA Birth Cohort: Study Protocol 

      Gallastegi Bilbao, Mara; Guxens, Mónica; Jiménez Zabala, Ana María; Calvente, Irene; Fernández Andrés, Marta; Birks, Laura; Struchen, Benjamin; Vrijheid, Martine; Estarlich, Marisa; Fernández, Mariana F.; Torrent, Maties; Ballester, Ferrán; Aurrekoetxea Agirre, Juan José; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Guerra Pereda, David; González Estévez, Julián María; Röösli, Martin; Santa Marina, Loreto (Biomed Central, 2016-02-18)
      Background: Analysis of the association between exposure to electromagnetic fields of non-ionising radiation (EMF-NIR) and health in children and adolescents is hindered by the limited availability of data, mainly due to ...
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      Does exposure to greenness improve children's neuropsychological development and mental health? A Navigation Guide systematic review of observational evidence for associations 

      Luque García, Leire; Corrales, A.; Lertxundi Manterola, Aitana; Díaz, S.; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María (Elsevier, 2022-04-15)
      [EN] Background: Contact with nature may have a key role in child brain development. Recent observational studies have reported improvements in children's neuropsychological development and mental health associated with ...
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      Effects of residential greenness on attention in a longitudinal study at 8 and 11-13 years 

      Anabitarte Riol, Asier; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; García Baquero, Gonzalo; Santa Marina Rodríguez, Loreto; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón, Adonina; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J.; De Castro, Montserrat; Dadvand, Payam; Lertxundi Manterola, Aitana (Elsevier, 2022-07)
      [EN] In an urbanizing world, with 55% of the population living in cities, it is essential to design friendly and healthy ones. An emerging body of evidence has associated greenspace exposure with improved cognitive ...
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      Estimated all-day and evening whole-brain radiofrequency electromagnetic fields doses, and sleep in preadolescents 

      Cabré Riera, Alba; Van Wel, Luuk; Liorni, Ilaria; Koopman Verhoeff, M. Elisabeth; Imaz, Liher; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Huss, Anke; Wiart, Joe; Vermeulen, Roel; Joseph, Wout; Capstick, Myles; Vrijheid, Martine; Cardis, Elisabeth; Röösli, Martin; Eeftens, Marloes; Thielens, Arno; Tiemeier, Henning; Guxens, Mónica (Elsevier, 2022-03)
      [EN] Objective: To investigate the association of estimated all-day and evening whole-brain radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) doses with sleep disturbances and objective sleep measures in preadolescents. Methods: ...
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      Family Context Assessment in Middle Childhood: A Tool Supporting Social, Educational, and Public Health Interventions 

      Barreto Zarza, Florencia Belén; Sánchez de Miguel, Manuel Norberto; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; González Safont, Llucía; Rebagliato, Marisa; Arranz Freijó, Enrique Bernardino (MDPI, 2021-01-26)
      Quality of the family context has an important role in the physical and mental health of children; that is why it is important to have reliable and updated tools. This study aims to design and validate a new tool, the Haezi ...
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      Human Early Life Exposome (HELIX) study: a European population-based exposome cohort 

      Maitre, Léa; De Bont, Jeroen; Casas, Maribel; Robinson, Oliver; Aasvang, Gunn Marit; Agier, Lydiane; Andrušaitytė, Sandra; Ballester, Ferrán; Basagaña, Xavier; Borrás, Eva; Brochot, Céline; Bustamante, Mariona; Carracedo, Angel; De Castro, Montserrat; Dedele, Audrius; De Castro, Montserrat; Dedele, Audrius; Donaire González, David; Estivill, Xavier; Evandt, Jorunn; Fossati, Serena; Giorgis Allemand, Lise; Granum, Berit; Grazuleviciene, Regina; Gützkow, Kristine Bjerve; Småstuen Haug, Line; Hernández Ferrer, Carles; Heude, Barbara; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Julvez, Jordi; Karachaliou, Marianna; Keun, Hector C; Hjertager Krog, Norun; Lau, Chung-Ho E.; Leventakou, Vasiliki; Lyon Caen, Sarah; Manzano, Cyntia; Mason, Dan; McEachan, Rosemary; Meltzer, Helle Margrete; Petraviciene, Inga; Quentin, Joane; Roumeliotaki, Theano; Sabido, Eduard; Saulnier, Pierre-Jean; Siskos, Alexandros P; Siroux, Valérie; Sunyer, Jordi; Tamayo, Ibon; Urquiza, Jose; Vafeiadi, Marina; Van Gent, Diana; Vives Usano, Marta; Waiblinger, Dagmar; Warembourg, Charline; Chatzi, Leda; Coen, Muireann; Van den Hazel, Peter; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J.; Slama, Rémy; Thomsen, Cathrine; Wright, John; Vrijheid, Martine (BMJ, 2018-09)
      Purpose Essential to exposome research is the collection of data on many environmental exposures from different domains in the same subjects. The aim of the Human Early Life Exposome (HELIX) study was to measure and describe ...
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      Ingesta de flúor a través del consumo de agua de abastecimiento público en la cohorte INMA-Gipuzkoa 

      Jiménez Zabala, Ana María; Santa Marina, Loreto; Otazua, Mónica; Ayerdi, Mikel; Galarza, Ane; Gallastegi, Mara; Ulibarrena, Enrique; Molinuevo, Amaia; Anabitarte Riol, Asier; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María (Elsevier, 2018-10)
      Objetivo Estimar la ingesta de flúor en mujeres embarazadas y sus hijos/as de la cohorte INMA-Gipuzkoa a través del consumo de agua de la red municipal y comparar estas ingestas con los valores recomendados. En Euskadi, ...
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      Is Brief Exposure to Green Space in School the Best Option to Improve Attention in Children? 

      Anabitarte Riol, Asier; García Baquero, Gonzalo; Andiarena Villaverde, Ainara; Lertxundi Iribar, Nerea; Urbieta Macazaga, Nerea; Babarro Vélez, Izaro; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Lertxundi Manterola, Aitana (MDPI, 2021-07-13)
      The positive effects of Green Spaces on health are thought to be achieved through the mechanisms of mitigation, instoration and restoration. One of the benefits of Green Spaces may be the restoration of attention and so ...
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      Maternal circulating Vitamin D-3 levels during pregnancy and behaviour across childhood 

      López Vicente, Mónica; Sunyer, Jordi; Lertxundi Iribar, Nerea; González, Llucia; Rodríguez Dehli, Cristina; Espada Sáenz-Torre, Mercedes; Vrijheid, Martine; Tardón, Adonina; Llop, Sabrina; Torrent, Maties; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Guxens, Mónica (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-10-15)
      Vitamin D deficiency during critical periods of development could lead to persistent brain alterations. We aimed to assess the association between maternal vitamin D-3, the major circulatory form of vitamin D, at pregnancy ...
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      Maternal Ferritin Levels during Pregnancy and ADHD Symptoms in 4-Year-Old Children: Results from the INMA–INfancia y Medio Ambiente (Environment and Childhood) Prospective Birth Cohort Study 

      Santa Marina Rodríguez, Loreto; Lertxundi Iribar, Nerea; Andiarena Villaverde, Ainara; Irizar Loibide, Amaia; Sunyer, Jordi; Molinuevo, Amaia; Llop, Sabrina; Julvez, Jordi; Beneito, Andrea; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Imaz, Liher; Ferrin, Maite (MDPI, 2020-10-22)
      Ferritin status during prenatal brain development may influence the risk of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in childhood. We investigated the association of maternal ferritin in pregnancy and ...
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      Maternal occupational exposures and fetal growth in a Spanish birth cohort 

      Ish, Jennifer; Gimeno Ruiz de Porras, David; Symanski, Elaine; Ballester, Ferran; Casas, Maribel; Delclos, George L.; Guxens, Mònica; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Iñiguez, Carmen; Santa Marina Rodríguez, Loreto; Swartz, Michael D.; Whitworth, Kristina W. (Public Library Science, 2022-04-07)
      While the epidemiologic literature suggests certain maternal occupational exposures may be associated with reduced measures of size at birth, the occupational literature employing fetal biometry data to assess fetal growth ...
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      Prenatal and postnatal exposure to air pollution and emotional and aggressive symptoms in children from 8 European birth cohorts 

      Jorcano, Ainhoa; Lubczynska, Malgorzata J.; Pierotti, Livia; Altug, Hicran; Ballester, Ferrán; Cesaroni, Giulia; El Marroun, Hanan; Fernandez Somoano, Ana; Freire, Carmen; Hanke, Wojciech; Hoek, Gerard; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Iniguez, Carmen; Jansen, Pauline W.; Lepeule, Johanna; Markevych, Iana; Polanska, Kinga; Porta, Daniela; Schikowski, Tamara; Slama, Remy; Standl, Marie; Tardón, Adonina; Vrijkotte, Tanja G. M.; Von Berg, Andrea; Tiemeier, Henning; Sunyer, Jordi; Guxens, Mónica (Elsevier, 2019-07-18)
      Background: The association between air pollution exposure and emotional and behavioural problems in children is unclear. We aimed to assess prenatal and postnatal exposure to several air pollutants and child's depressive ...
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      Prenatal exposure to fluoride and neuropsychological development in early childhood: 1-to 4 years old children 

      Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Gallastegi Bilbao, Mara; Santa Marina Rodríguez, Loreto; Jiménez Zabala, Ana María; Arranz Freijó, Enrique Bernardino; Molinuevo, Amaia; López Espinosa, María José; Ballester, Ferrán; Villanueva, Cristina; Riaño-Galán, Isolina; Sunyer, Jordi; Tardón, Adonina; Lertxundi Manterola, Aitana (Elsevier, 2022-05-01)
      [EN]BACKGROUND: Cross-sectional and prospective studies have provided evidence of the neurotoxic effect of early exposure to fluoride (F) in pregnancy. It has been negatively associated with cognitive development during ...
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      Prenatal Manganese Exposure and Long-Term Neuropsychological Development at 4 Years of Age in a Population-Based Birth Cohort 

      Andiarena Villaverde, Ainara; Irizar, Amaia; Molinuevo, Amaia; Urbieta Macazaga, Nerea; Babarro Vélez, Izaro; Subiza Pérez, Mikel; Santa Marina Rodríguez, Loreto; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Lertxundi Manterola, Aitana (MDPI, 2020-03-04)
      Background: Manganese (Mn) is an essential micronutrient for humans, the diet being the main source of exposure. Some epidemiological studies describe a negative association between prenatal Mn and later neuropsychological ...
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      Risk and Protective Factors for Bullying at 11 Years of Age in a Spanish Birth Cohort Study 

      Babarro Vélez, Izaro; Andiarena Villaverde, Ainara; Fano Ardanaz, Eduardo; Lertxundi Iribar, Nerea; Vrijheid, Martine; Julvez, Jordi; Barreto Zarza, Florencia Belén; Fossati, Serena; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María (MDPI, 2020-06-19)
      (1) Background: Bullying affects a large number of children worldwide. This study has two objectives, to provide data on the prevalence of bullying in Spain, and to identify risk and protective factors associated with ...
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      Testing the Multiple Pathways of Residential Greenness to Pregnancy Outcomes Model in a Sample of Pregnant Women in the Metropolitan Area of Donostia-San Sebastián 

      Anabitarte Riol, Asier; Subiza Pérez, Mikel; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Azkona Fuente, Kepa; García Baquero, Gonzalo; Miralles Guasch, Carme; Irazusta Astiazaran, Jon; Whitworth, Kristina W.; Vich, Guillem; Lertxundi Manterola, Aitana (MDPI, 2020-06-23)
      Residential greenness may positively impact diverse human health indicators through the reduction of air pollution, the improvement of psychological health, and the promotion of physical activity. Previous studies indicate ...
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      What Accounts for Physical Activity during Pregnancy? A Study on the Sociodemographic Predictors of Self-Reported and Objectively Assessed Physical Activity during the 1st and 2nd Trimesters of Pregnancy 

      Mendinueta, Ana; Esnal Amundarain, Haritz; Arrieta Etxeberria, Haritz; Arrue Gabilondo, Miren; Urbieta Macazaga, Nerea; Ubillos, Itziar; Whitworth, Kristina W.; Delclòs-Alió, Xavier; Vich, Guillem; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María (MDPI, 2020-04-07)
      Physical activity (PA) during pregnancy has positive health implications for both mother and child. However, current literature indicates that not all pregnant women meet the international recommendations for PA (at least ...