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      15N Natural Abundance Evidences a Better Use of N Sources by Late Nitrogen Application in Bread Wheat 

      Fuertes Mendizábal, Teresa; Estavillo Aurre, José María; Duñabeitia Aurrecoechea, Miren Karmele; Huérfano Salinas, Enith Ximena; Castellón, Ander; González Murua, María del Carmen Begoña; Aizpurua, Ana; González Moro, María Begoña (Frontiers Media, 2018-06-22)
      This work explores whether the natural abundance of N isotopes technique could be used to understand the movement of N within the plant during vegetative and grain filling phases in wheat crop (Triticum aestivum L) under ...
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      A common fungicide impairs stream ecosystem functioning through effects on aquatic hyphomycetes and detritivorous caddisflies 

      Cornejo, Aydeé; Pérez Viñuela, Javier; Alonso Blanco, Alberto; López Rojo, Naiara; Monroy Zarzuelo, Silvia; Boyero González, María Luz (Academic Press-Elsevier, 2020-06-01)
      Fungicides can reach streams through runoff or adhered to leaf litter, and have the potential to adversely affect processes such as litter decomposition and associated communities. This study investigated the effects of ...
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      A field portable method for the semi-quantitative estimation of dehydration tolerance of photosynthetic tissues across distantly related land plants. 

      López Pozo, Marina; Flexas, Jaume; Gulias, Javier; Nadal, Miquel; Perera-Castro, Alicia; Clemente-Moreno, Maria Jesus; Gago, Jorge; Nuñez-Oliveira, Encarnación; Martinez-Abaigar, Javier; Hernández Hernández, Antonio; Artetxe Aspiunza, Unai; Bentley, Joanne; Farrant, Jill; Verhoeven, Amy; García Plazaola, José Ignacio; Fernández Marín, Beatriz (2018-12-04)
      Desiccation tolerant (DT) plants withstand complete cellular dehydration (reaching relative water contents below 30% in their photosynthetic tissues), while desiccation sensitive (DS) plants exhibit different degrees of ...
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      A Marine Biodiversity Observation Network for Genetic Monitoring of Hard-Bottom Communities (ARMS-MBON) 

      Obst, Matthias; Exter, Katrina; Allcock, A. Louise; Arvanitidis, Christos; Axberg, Alizz; Bustamante González, María; Cancio Uriarte, Ibon; Carreira Flores, Diego; Chatzinikolaou, Eva; Chatzigeorgiou, Giorgos; Chrismas, Nathan; Clark, Melody S.; Comtet, Thierry; Dailianis, Thanos; Davies, Neil; Deneudt, Klaas; Diaz de Cerio, Oihane; Fortič, Ana; Gerovasileiou, Vasilis; Hablützel, Pascal I.; Keklikoglou, Kleoniki; Kotoulas, Georgios; Lasota, Rafal; Leite, Barbara R.; Loisel, Stéphane; Lévêque, Laurent; Levy, Liraz; Malachowicz, Magdalena; Mavrič, Borut; Meyer, Christopher; Mortelmans, Jonas; Norkko, Joanna; Pade, Nicolas; Power, Anne Marie; Ramšak, Andreja; Reiss, Henning; Solbakken, Jostein; Staehr, Peter A.; Sundberg, Per; Thyrring, Jakob; Troncoso, Jesus S.; Viard, Frédérique; Wenne, Roman; Yperifanou, Eleni Ioanna; Zbawicka, Malgorzata; Pavloudi, Christina (Frontiers Media, 2020-11-30)
      Marine hard-bottom communities are undergoing severe change under the influence of multiple drivers, notably climate change, extraction of natural resources, pollution and eutrophication, habitat degradation, and invasive ...
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      A Multi-Species Analysis Defines Anaplerotic Enzymes and Amides as Metabolic Markers for Ammonium Nutrition 

      González Moro, María Begoña; González Moro, Itziar; De la Peña Cuao, Marlon; Estavillo Aurre, José María; Aparicio Tejo, Pedro M.; Marino Bilbao, Daniel; González Murua, María del Carmen Begoña; Vega Mas, Izargi Aida (Frontiers Media, 2021-01-27)
      Nitrate and ammonium are the main nitrogen sources in agricultural soils. In the last decade, ammonium (NH4+), a double-sided metabolite, has attracted considerable attention by researchers. Its ubiquitous presence in plant ...
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      A wheat cysteine-rich receptor-like kinase confersbroad-spectrum resistance against Septoria tritici blotch 

      Saintenac, Cyrille; Cambon, Florence; Aouini, Lamia; Verstappen, Els; Tabib Ghaffary, Seyed Mahmoud; Poucet, Théo Jean; Marande, William; Berges, Hélène; Xu, Steven; Jaouannet, Maëlle; Favery, Bruno; Alassimone, Julien; Sánchez Valle, Andrea; Faris, Justin; Kema, Gert; Robert, Oliver; Langin, Thierry (Nature, 2021-01-19)
      The poverty of disease resistance gene reservoirs limits the breeding of crops for durable resistance against evolutionary dynamic pathogens. Zymoseptoria tritici which causes Septoria tritici blotch (STB), represents one ...
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      Acceptance of Near-Natural Greenspace Management Relates to Ecological and Socio-Cultural Assigned Values Among European Urbanites 

      Lampinen, Jussi; Tuomi, Maria; Fischer, Leonie K.; Neuenkamp, Lena; Alday, Josu G.; Bucharova, Anna; Cancellieri, Laura; Casado Arzuaga, Izaskun; Ceplova, Natalie; Cerveró, Lluïsa; Deak, Balazs; Eriksson, Ove; Fellowes, Mark D. E.; Fernández de Manuel, Beatriz; Filibeck, Goffredo; González Guzmán, Adrián; Hinojosa, M. Belén; Kowarik, Ingo; Lumbierres, Belén; Miguel, Ana; Pardo, Rosa; Pons, Xavier; Rodríguez García, Encarna; Schröder, Roland; Sperandii, Marta Gaia; Unterweger, Philipp; Valkó, Orsolya; Vázquez, Víctor; Klaus, Valentin H. (Elsevier, 2021-02)
      Grasslands are widespread elements of urban greenspace providing recreational, psychological and aesthetic benefits to city residents. Two urban grassland types of contrasting management dominate urban greenspaces: frequently ...
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      Activation of violaxanthin cycle in darkness is a common response to different abiotic stresses : a case study in Pelvetia canaliculata 

      Fernández Marín, Beatriz; Míguez Cano, Fátima; Becerril Soto, José María; García Plazaola, José Ignacio (BioMed Central, 2011-12-26)
      Background: In the violaxanthin (V) cycle, V is de-epoxidized to zeaxanthin (Z) when strong light or light combined with other stressors lead to an overexcitation of photosystems. However, plants can also suffer stress in ...
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      Agriculture impairs stream ecosystem functioning in a tropical catchment 

      Cornejo, Aydeé; Pérez Viñuela, Javier; López Rojo, Naiara; Tonin, Alan M.; Rovira, Dalys; Checa, Brenda; Jaramillo, Nicomedes; Correa, Karina; Villarreal, Allison; Villarreal, Víctor; García, Gabriela; Pérez, Edgar; Ríos González, Tomas A.; Aguirre, Yusseff; Correa Araneda, Francisco; Boyero González, María Luz (Elsevier, 2020-11-25)
      The expansion of agriculture is particularly worrying in tropical regions of the world, where native forests are being replaced by crops at alarming rates, with severe consequences for biodiversity and ecosystems. However, ...
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      Allergenicity to worldwide invasive grass Cortaderia selloana as environmental risk to public health 

      Rodríguez, Fernando; Lombardero-Vega, Manuel; San Juan, Lucía; De las Vecillas, Leticia; Alonso, Sofía; Morchón, Eva; Liendo Pérez, Diego; Uranga, Marta; Gandarillas, Alberto (Nature, 2021-12-24)
      Allergies to grass pollen affects about 20% of the population worldwide. In the last few decades, the South American grass Cortaderia selloana (CS, Pampas grass) has expanded worldwide in a variety of countries including ...
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      Analysing the Synergies and Trade-Offs between Ecosystem Services to Reorient Land Use Planning in Metropolitan Bilbao (Northern Spain) 

      Peña López, Lorena; Onaindia Olalde, Miren; Fernández de Manuel, Beatriz; Ametzaga Arregi, Ibone; Casado Arzuaga, Izaskun (MDPI, 2018-11-23)
      In the last decades, some European cities have undergone important changes in search of a more sustainable development. This is the case for the city of Bilbao (Bizkaia, Basque Country), where a Greenbelt has been maintained ...
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      Annual Weedy Species of Erigeron in the Northern Iberian Peninsula: a Review 

      Liendo Pérez, Diego; García Mijangos, Itziar; Biurrun Galarraga, Miren Idoia; Campos Prieto, Juan Antonio (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2021)
      A revision of the alien Erigeron species formerly included in Conyza found in the northern Iberian Peninsula is presented. A close examination of numerous specimens collected by the authors as well as voucher specimens ...
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      Assessment of a Sheltered Euhaline Area of the Southeastern Bay of Biscay to Sustain Bivalve Production in Terms of Phytoplankton Community Composition 

      Bilbao Antolín, Jone; Muñiz Pinto, Oihane Begoña; Rodríguez Patiño, José Germán; Revilla Rodríguez, Marta Isabel; Laza Martínez, Aitor; Seoane Parra, Sergio (Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2021-01)
      This study describes the phytoplankton community in sheltered euhaline waters of the Basque coast (southeastern Bay of Biscay). Phytoplankton composition, cell size, abundance, biomass and the presence of potentially toxic ...
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      Biochar reduces the efficiency of nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) mitigating N2O emissions 

      Fuertes Mendizábal, Teresa; Huérfano Salinas, Enith Ximena; Vega Mas, Izargi Aida; Torralbo Cerro, Fernando; Menéndez Villanueva, Sergio; Ippolito, J. A.; Kammann, C.; Wrage-Mönnig, N.; Cayuela, M. L.; Borchard, N.; Spokas, K.; Novak, J.; González Moro, María Begoña; González Murua, María del Carmen Begoña; Estavillo Aurre, José María (Nature Publishing, 2019-02-20)
      Among strategies suggested to decrease agricultural soil N2O losses, the use of nitrification inhibitors such as DMPP (3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate) has been proposed. However, the efficiency of DMPP might be affected ...
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      Biodegradable Polycarbonate Iongels for Electrophysiology Measurements 

      Yuen, Alexander; Porcarelli, Luca; Hernández Aguirresarobe, Roberto; Sanchez-Sanchez, Ana; Del Agua López, Isabel; Ismailov, Usein; Malliaras, George G.; Mecerreyes Molero, David; Ismailova, Esma; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (MDPI, 2018-09)
      In recent years, gels based on ionic liquids incorporated into polymer matrices, namely iongels, have emerged as long-term contact media for cutaneous electrophysiology. Iongels possess high ionic conductivity and negligible ...
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      Biological and synthetic approaches to inhibiting nitrification in non‑tilled Mediterranean soils 

      Bozal Leorri, Adrián; Corrochano Monsalve, Mario; Arregui, Luis Miguel; Aparicio Tejo, Pedro M.; González Murua, María del Carmen Begoña (Springer, 2021-10-13)
      [EN] Background: The increasing demand for food production has led to a tenfold increase in nitrogen (N) fertilizer use since the Green Revolution. Nowadays, agricultural soils have been turned into high-nitrifying ...
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      Biotic vs. Abiotic Control of Decomposition: A Comparison of the Effects of Simulated Extinctions and Changes in Temperature 

      Boyero González, María Luz; Cardinale, Bradley J.; Bastian, Mikis; Pearson, Richard G. (Public Library of Science, 2014-01)
      The loss of species is known to have significant effects on ecosystem functioning, but only recently has it been recognized that species loss might rival the effects of other forms of environmental change on ecosystem ...
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      Can Ammonium Stress Be Positive for Plant Performance? 

      Marino Bilbao, Daniel; Morán Juez, José Fernando (Frontiers Media, 2019-09-24)
      Ammonium (NH3/NH+4) nutrition is considered as a universal stressful situation (recently reviewed in Li et al., 2014; Esteban et al., 2016; Liu and Von Wirén, 2017). Briefly, the most common symptom of ammonium nutrition ...
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      Can environmental constraints determine random patterns of plant species co-occurrence? 

      García-Baquero Moneo, Gonzalo; Crujeiras, Rosa M. (Wiley Blackwell, 2015-03)
      Plant community ecologists use the null model approach to infer assembly processes from observed patterns of species co-occurrence. In about a third of published studies, the null hypothesis of random assembly cannot be ...
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      Can Parietin Transfer Energy Radiatively to Photosynthetic Pigments? 

      Fernández Marín, Beatriz; Artetxe Aspiunza, Unai; Becerril Soto, José María; Martínez-Abaigar, Javier; Núñez-Olivera, Encarnación; García Plazaola, José Ignacio (MDPI, 2018-07)
      The main role of lichen anthraquinones is in protection against biotic and abiotic stresses, such as UV radiation. These compounds are frequently deposited as crystals outside the fungal hyphae and most of them emit visible ...