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      INTERPOL's surveillance network in curbing transnational terrorism 

      Gardeazabal, Javier ORCID; Sandler, Todd (2014-10-23)
      This paper investigates the role that INTERPOL surveillance – the Mobile INTERPOL Network Database (MIND) and the Fixed INTERPOL Network Database (FIND) – played in the War on Terror since its inception in 2005. MIND/FIND ...
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      On the Benefits of Including Age-structure in Harvest Control Rules 

      Da Rocha, José María; Mato Amboage, Rosa (2014-08-27)
      This paper explores the benefits of including age-structure in the control rule (HCR) when decision makers regard their (age-structured) models as approximations. We find that introducing age structure into the HCR reduces ...
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      The Relevance of Relative Position in Ultimatum Games 

      Miller Moya, Luis Miguel ORCID; Ubeda Molla, Paloma (University of the Basque Country, Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis II, 2014)
      This paper investigates the effect of focal points and initial relative position in the outcome of a bargaining process. We conduct two on-line experiments. In the first experiment we attempt to replicate Güth, Huck and ...
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      Group size and decision rules in legislative bargaining 

      Miller Moya, Luis Miguel ORCID; Vanberg, Christoph (2014-03-17)
      We conduct experiments to investigate the effects of different majority requirements on bargaining outcomes in small and large groups. In particular, we use a Baron-Ferejohn protocol and investigate the effects of decision ...