Esta colección recoge todos los documentos de investigaciones financiadas con el Programa H2020 de la CE.

Recent Submissions

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    Listeners’ Spectral Reallocation Preferences for Speech in Noise 

    Simantiraki, Olympia ORCID; Cooke, Martin (MDPI, 2023-07-28)
    Modifying the spectrum of recorded or synthetic speech is an effective strategy for boosting intelligibility in noise without increasing the speech level. However, the wider impact of changes to the spectral energy ...
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    An Overview of the IberSpeech-RTVE 2022 Challenges on Speech Technologies 

    Lleida, Eduardo; Rodríguez Fuentes, Luis Javier ORCID; Tejedor, Javier; Ortega, Alfonso; Miguel, Antonio; Bazán, Virginia; Pérez, Carmen; de Prada, Alberto; Peñagarikano Badiola, Mikel ORCID; Varona Fernández, Amparo ORCID; Bordel García, German ORCID; Torre-Toledano, Doroteo; Álvarez, Aitor; Arzelus, Haritz (MDPI, 2023-07-25)
    Evaluation campaigns provide a common framework with which the progress of speech technologies can be effectively measured. The aim of this paper is to present a detailed overview of the IberSpeech-RTVE 2022 Challenges, ...
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    Assessment of Different Niosome Formulations for Optogenetic Applications: Morphological and Electrophysiological Effects 

    Celdrán, José David; Humphreys, Lawrence; González, Desirée; Soto-Sánchez, Cristina; Martínez-Navarrete, Gema; Maldonado Pérez, Iván; Gallego Garrido, Idoia; Villate Beitia, Ane Ilia ORCID; Sainz Ramos, Myriam; Puras Ochoa, Gustavo; Pedraz Muñoz, José Luis ORCID; Fernández, Eduardo (MDPI, 2023-07-01)
    Gene therapy and optogenetics are becoming promising tools for treating several nervous system pathologies. Currently, most of these approaches use viral vectors to transport the genetic material inside the cells, but ...
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    Magnetic nanostructures for emerging biomedical applications 

    Peixoto, L.; Magalhães, R.; Navas, D.; Moraes, S.; Redondo Esteban, Carolina ORCID; Morales Arboleya, Rafael ORCID; Araújo, J. P.; Sousa, C. T. (American Institute of Physics, 2020-01-28)
    Magnetic nanostructures have been widely studied due to their potential applicability into several research fields such as data storage, sensing and biomedical applications. Focusing on the biomedical aspect, some new ...

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