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      A rational fraction polynomials model to study vertical dynamic wheel-rail interaction 

      Correa García, Nekane ORCID; García Vadillo, Ernesto ORCID; Santamaría Manrique, Javier ORCID; Gómez López, Josu (Elsevier, 2012-04)
      This paper presents a model designed to study vertical interactions between wheel and rail when the wheel moves over a rail welding. The model focuses on the spatial domain, and is drawn up in a simple fashion from track ...
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      A uniform phase representation for the harmonic model in speech synthesis applications 

      Degottex, Gilles; Erro Eslava, Daniel (Springer International Publishing, 2014-10-16)
      Feature-based vocoders, e.g., STRAIGHT, offer a way to manipulate the perceived characteristics of the speech signal in speech transformation and synthesis. For the harmonic model, which provide excellent perceived quality, ...
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      Dynamic optimization of track components to minimize rail corrugation 

      Oyarzabal de Celis, Olatz ORCID; Gómez López, Josu; Santamaría Manrique, Javier ORCID; García Vadillo, Ernesto ORCID (Elsevier, 2009-01)
      In this paper, the influence on corrugation of the most significant track parameters has been examined. After this parametric study, the optimization of the track parameters to minimize the undulatory wear growth has been ...
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      Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection ALBAYZIN 2012 evaluation: overview, systems, results, and discussion 

      Tejedor, Javier; Toledano, Doroteo T.; Anguera, Xavier; Varona Fernández, Amparo ORCID; Hurtado, Lluís F.; Miguel, Antonio; Colás, José (Springer, 2013-09)
      Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection (QbE STD) aims at retrieving data from a speech data repository given an acoustic query containing the term of interest as input. Nowadays, it has been receiving much interest due to ...