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      On the impact of independence of irrelevant alternatives: the case of two-person NTU games 

      Peleg, Bezalel; Sudholter, Peter; Zarzuelo Zarzosa, José Manuel ORCID (Springer, 2012-03)
      On several classes of n-person NTU games that have at least one Shapley NTU value, Aumann characterized this solution by six axioms: Non-emptiness, efficiency, unanimity, scale covariance, conditional additivity, and ...
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      Preferences, actions and voting rules 

      Artabe Echevarria, Alaitz ORCID; Laruelle, Annick ORCID; Valenciano Llovera, Federico ORCID (Springer, 2012-03)
      In this paper we address several issues related to collective dichotomous decision-making by means of quaternary voting rules, i.e., when voters may choose between four actions: voting yes, voting no, abstaining and not ...
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      Simple Coalitional Strategy Profiles in Repeated Games 

      Larrea Jaurrieta, María Concepción ORCID; Ruiz Aguirre, Luis Mariano (2014-10-28)
      In this paper we introduce simple coalitional profi les to avoid group deviations in repeated games. In the repeated Cournot supergame we prove that it is possible to sustain the symmetric monopoly outcome by means of ...