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    Layer groups: Brillouin-zone and crystallographic databases on the Bilbao Crystallographic Server 

    De La Flor Martín, Gemma; Souvignier, Bernd; Madariaga Menéndez, Gotzon; Aroyo, Mois Ilia (International Union of Crystallography, 2021-11)
    [EN]The section of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server ( dedicated to subperiodic groups contains crystallographic and Brillouin-zone databases for the layer groups. The crystallographic databases ...
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    The Bloch point 3D topological charge induced by the magnetostatic interaction. 

    Tejo, F.; Hernández Heredero, Rafael José; Chubykalo-Fesenko, O.; Gusliyenko, Kostyantyn (Nature Research, 2021-11-05)
    [EN]A hedgehog or Bloch point is a point-like 3D magnetization configuration in a ferromagnet. Regardless of widely spread treatment of a Bloch point as a topological defect, its 3D topological charge has never been ...
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    Insights into the Reaction Routes for H2 Formation in the Ethanol Steam Reforming on a Catalyst Derived from NiAl2O4 Spinel 

    Valecillos Díaz, José del Rosario; Iglesias Vázquez, Sergio; Landa Bilbao, Leire; Remiro Eguskiza, Aingeru; Bilbao Elorriaga, Javier; Gayubo Cazorla, Ana Guadalupe (American Chemical Society, 2021-11-04)
    [EN]This work describes the satisfactory performance of a Ni/Al2O3 catalyst derived from NiAl2O4 spinel in ethanol steam reforming and focuses on studying the prevailing reaction routes for H-2 formation in this system. ...
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    Pd(II)-Catalyzed Fujiwara-Moritani Reactions for the Synthesis and Functionalization of Substituted Coumarins. 

    Ortiz de Elguea Flecha, Verónica; Carral Menoyo, Asier; Simón Vidal, Lorena; Martínez Nunes, Mikel; Barbolla Cuadrado, Iratxe; Lete, Marta G.; Sotomayor Anduiza, María Nuria; Lete Expósito, María Esther (American Chemical Society, 2021-11-09)
    [EN]Highly substituted coumarins, privileged and versatile scaffolds for bioactive natural products and fluorescence imaging, are obtained via a Pd(II)-catalyzed direct C–H alkenylation reaction (Fujiwara–Moritani reaction), ...

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