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    A practical perspective on the potential of rechargeable Mg batteries 

    Blázquez, J. Alberto; Maça, Rudi R.; Leonet, Olatz; Azaceta, Eneko; Mukherjee, Ayan; Zhao-Karger, Zhirong; Li, Zhenyou; Kovalevsky, Aleksey; Fernandez-Barquin, Ana; Mainar, Aroa R.; Jankowski, Piotr; Rademacher, Laurin; Dey, Sunita; Dutton, Sian E.; Grey, Clare P.; Drews, Janina; Hacker, Joachim; Danner, Timo; Latz, Arnulf; Sotta, Dane; Palacin, M. Rosa; Martin, Jean-Frederic; García Lastra, Juan Maria; Fichtner, Maximilian; Kundu, Sumana; Kraytsberg, Alexander; Ein-Eli, Yair; Noked, Malachi; Aurbach, Doron (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2023-04-14)
    Emerging energy storage systems based on abundant and cost-effective materials are key to overcome the global energy and climate crisis of the 21st century. Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries (RMB), based on Earth-abundant ...
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    High performance carbon free bifunctional air electrode for advanced zinc-air batteries 

    Ramos Mainar, Aroa; Blázquez, José Alberto; Frattini, Domenico; Enterría, Marina; Ortiz-Vitoriano, Nagore; Urdampilleta, Idoia; Grande, Hans-Jürgen (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-04-01)
    Secondary zinc-air batteries (ZABs) offer a promising alternative for the future of sustainable energy storage. However, the current capability of secondary ZABs is far from satisfactory. The limitations for achieving high ...
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    Acoustic emission as a reliable technique for filiform corrosion monitoring on coated AA7075-T6: Tailored data processing 

    Abarkane, Chihab; Florez-Tapia, Ane Miren; Artetxe, Arkaitz; Odriozola, Juan; Lekka, Maria; García-Lecína, Eva; Grande, Hans Jürgen; Vega, Jesús Manuel (Elsevier, 2023-04-15)
    Acoustic emission (AE) was used for in-situ filiform corrosion (FFC) monitoring on coated AA77075-T6. The analysis of AE data using DBSCAN as clustering algorithm (validated by Bhattacharyya Coefficients´ evaluation) has ...
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    From Lab to Manufacturing Line: Guidelines for the Development and Upscaling of Aqueous Processed NMC622 Electrodes 

    De Meatza, Iratxe; Urdampilleta, Idoia; Boyano, Iker; Castrillo, Iker; Landa Medrano, Imanol; Sananes Israel, Susan; Eguía Barrio, Aitor; Palomares Durán, Verónica ORCID (The Electrochemical Society, 2023-01-24)
    Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have facilitated the transition to a more sustainable energy model. Paradoxically, current high energy cathodes are industrially processed using organic solvents, which are deleterious for the ...

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