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    Room-Temperature Self-Standing Cellulose-Based Hydrogel Electrolytes for Electrochemical Devices 

    Gomez, Iñaki; Alesanco, Yolanda; Blazquez, Jose Alberto; Viñuales, Ana; Colmenares, Luis C. (MDPI, 2020-11-13)
    The trend of research towards more sustainable materials is pushing the application of biopolymers in a variety of unexplored fields. In this regard, hydrogels are attracting significant attention as electrolytes for ...
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    Cross-linguistic transfer in bilingual reading is item specific 

    Lallier, Marie; Martin, Clara D.; Acha, Joana; Carreiras, Manuel (Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 2021)
    The grain size of orthographic representations prompted by a consistent orthography (like Spanish or Basque) increases if reading is simultaneously learned in another language with an inconsistent orthography (like ...
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    Lexical and Prosodic Pitch Modifications in Cantonese Infant-directed Speech 

    Wang, Luchang; Kalashnikova, Marina; Kager, René; Lai, Regine; Wong, Patrick C.M. (Journal of Child Language, 2021)
    The functions of acoustic-phonetic modifications in infant-directed speech (IDS) remain a question: do they specifically serve to facilitate language learning via enhanced phonemic contrasts (the hyperarticulation ...
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    Compensatory cross‑modal effects of sentence context on visual word recognition in adults 

    Clark, Catherine; Guediche, Sara; Lallier, Marie (Reading and Writing, 2021)
    Reading involves mapping combinations of a learned visual code (letters) onto meaning. Previous studies have shown that when visual word recognition is challenged by visual degradation, one way to mitigate these negative ...

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