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    Encapsulation of β-alanine model amino-acid in zirconium(IV) metal organic frameworks: Defect engineering to improve host guest interactions 

    Rodríguez Muguruza, Asier; Fernández de Luis, Roberto; Iglesias, Naroa; Bazán Blau, Begoña del Pilar ORCID; Urtiaga Greaves, Miren Karmele ORCID; Serrano Larrea, Edurne; Fidalgo Marijuan, Arkaitz ORCID; Barandika Argoitia, Miren Gotzone ORCID (Elsevier, 2020-04)
    Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are porous coordination networks assembled through metal complexes with organic linkers. Due to their chemical versatility, these materials are being investigated for various applications ...
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    Structural Transformations in the Thermal Dehydration of [Cu2(bpa)(btec)(H2O)4]n Coordination Polymer 

    Bravo García, Laura ORCID; Serrano Larrea, Edurne; Artetxe Arretxe, Beñat ORCID; Lezama Diago, Luis María ORCID; Gutiérrez Zorrilla López, Juan Manuel ORCID; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel ORCID (MDPI, 2019-05-13)
    Reactions between pyridinic ligands such as 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethane (bpa) and transition metal cations are a very widespread technique to produce extended coordination polymers such as Metal-Organic Frameworks. In combination ...
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    Combustion synthesis and characterization of Ln1−xMxCr0.9Ni0.1O3 (Ln = La and/or Nd; M = Sr and/or Ca; x ≤ 0.25) perovskites for SOFCs anodes 

    Ortega-San-Martín, Luis; Morán Ruiz, Aroa; Wain Martin, Aritza ORCID; Vidal García, Karmele; Larrañaga Varga, Aitor; Laguna-Bercero, Miguel Angel; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel ORCID (Elsevier, 2018-02-01)
    A series of chromite perovskites with the general formula Ln1−xMxCr0.9Ni0.1O3 (Ln = La and/or Nd; M = Sr and/or Ca; x ≤ 0.25) has been prepared by three combustion synthesis routes using a different combustible substance ...
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    SOFC development at CNH2 

    Campana, Roberto; Wain Martin, Aritza ORCID; Gabriel, Isabel; Gurauskis, Jonas; Larrañaga Varga, Aitor; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel ORCID; Rodríguez, Jesús (2018-07)
    Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC´s) are devices that convert chemical energy from reactants into heat and electricity with high efficiency. Usually, these systems operate at high temperatures (600-1000ºC) and are able to run ...

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