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      A UHPLC-Mass Spectrometry View of Human Melanocytic Cells Uncovers Potential Lipid Biomarkers of Melanoma 

      Pérez Valle, Arantza; Abad García, Beatriz; Fresnedo Aranguren, María Olatz; Barreda Gómez, Gabriel; Aspichueta Celaá, Patricia; Asumendi Mallea, Aintzane ORCID; Astigarraga Arribas, Egoitz; Fernández González, José Andrés ORCID; Boyano López, María Dolores ORCID; Ochoa Olascoaga, Begoña (MDPI, 2021-10-08)
      Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer due to its ability to colonize distant sites and initiate metastasis. Although these processes largely depend on the lipid-based cell membrane scaffold, our understanding of ...
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      Comparative study of the lipid profile of tears and plasma enriched in growth factors. 

      Acera Osa, Arantxa; Abad García, Beatriz; Pereiro Díez, Xandra ORCID; Rodríguez, Francisco David; Ruzafa Andrés, Noelia ORCID; Durán de la Colina, Juan Antonio; Vecino Cordero, Elena ORCID (Elsevier, 2022-06)
      [EN] The Tear Film Lipid Layer (TFLL) acts primarily as an interface between the aqueous layer and air. Tear film lipid is composed of a thin layer of polar lipids that interact with the secretory layer of the underlying ...
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      Erythrocyte Membrane Nanomechanical Rigidity Is Decreased in Obese Patients 

      Sot, Jesús; García Arribas, Aritz ORCID; Abad García, Beatriz; Arranz, Sara; Portune, Kevin; Andrade, Fernando; Martín Nieto, Alicia; Velasco, Olaia; Arana, Eunate; Tueros, Itziar; Ferreri, Carla; Gaztambide Sáenz, María Sonia; Goñi Urcelay, Félix María ORCID; Castaño González, Luis Antonio ORCID; Alonso Izquierdo, Alicia (MDPI, 2022-02-08)
      This work intends to describe the physical properties of red blood cell (RBC) membranes in obese adults. The hypothesis driving this research is that obesity, in addition to increasing the amount of body fat, will also ...
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      Lipidomic data uncover extensive heterogeneity in phosphatidylcholine structural variants in HepG2 cells 

      Chico Carmona, Yolanda; Abad García, Beatriz; Ochoa Olascoaga, Begoña; Martínez San Pelayo, María José ORCID (Elsevier, 2019-10-04)
      The data contain information related to the research article entitled "Profiling of promoter occupancy by the SND1 transcriptional coactivator identifies downstream glycerolipid metabolic genes involved in TNF alpha response ...
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      Tri-Reagent Homogenate Is a Suitable Starting Material for UHPLC-MS Lipidomic Analysis 

      Fresnedo Aranguren, María Olatz; Abad García, Beatriz; Rueda Estévez, Yuri ORCID (MDPI, 2022-09-27)
      Background: Transcriptomic and lipidomic dual analyses usually initiate with independent extractive procedures. That entails a difficulty in aligning results from both omics platforms, especially in the case of highly ...
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      Untargeted Metabolomic Liquid Chromatography High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Fingerprinting of Apple Cultivars for the Identification of Biomarkers Related to Resistance to Rosy Apple Aphid 

      Alonso Rojas, Rosa María ORCID; Berrueta Simal, Luis Angel; Abad García, Beatriz; Sasía-Arriba, Andrea; Asensio Regalado, Carlos ORCID; Dapena, Enrique; Gallo Hermosa, Blanca ORCID (American Chemical Society, 2022-06-10)
      Liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry fingerprinting together with pattern recognition techniques was used to determine the metabolites involved in the susceptibility of apple cultivars to rosy apple aphid ...
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      Using the Synergy between HPLC-MS and MALDI-MS Imaging to Explore the Lipidomics of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma 

      Martín Saiz, Lucía; Abad García, Beatriz; Solano Iturri, Jon Danel; Mosteiro González, Lorena; Martín Allende, Javier; Rueda Estévez, Yuri ORCID; Pérez Fernández, Amparo; Unda Urzaiz, Jesús Miguel; Coterón Ochoa, Pedro; Goya, Aintzane; Saiz, Alberto; Martínez, Jennifer; Ochoa Olascoaga, Begoña; Fresnedo Aranguren, María Olatz; Larrinaga Embeita, Gorka ORCID; Fernández González, José Andrés ORCID (American Chemical Society, 2023-01)
      Lipid imaging mass spectrometry (LIMS) has been tested in several pathological contexts, demonstrating its ability to segregate and isolate lipid signatures in complex tissues, thanks to the technique’s spatial resolution. ...