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      Research PaperMagma chamber growth models in the upper crust: A review of thehydraulic and inertial constraints 

      Aragón, Eugenio; D'Eramo, Fernando J.; Pinotti, Lucio P.; Demartis, Manuel; Tubía Martínez, José María; Weinberg, Roberto F.; Coniglio, Jorge E. (China University of Geosciences, 2019-05)
      Finite volumes of magma moving in confinement, store hydraulic potential energy for the generation, control and transmission of power. The Pascal's principle in a hydraulic jack arrangement is used to model the vertical ...
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      Time Lag between Metamorphism and Crystallization of Anatectic Granites (Cordoba, Argentina) 

      D'Eramo, Fernando J.; Esteban Guzmán, José Julián; Demartis, Manuel; Aragón, Eugenio; Coniglio, Jorge E.; Pinotti, Lucio P. (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra Jaume Almera-CSIC, 2020)
      SHRIMP and LA-ICP-MS analyses carried out on zircons from the Rio de los Sauces granite revealed their metamorphic and igneous nature. The metamorphic zircons yielded an age of 537 +/- 4.8 (2s)Ma that probably predates the ...