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      Hygroregulation, a key ability for eusocial insects: Native Western European honeybees as a case study 

      Eouzan, Iris; Garnery, Lionel; Pinto, M. Alice; Delalande, Damien; Neves, Cátia J.; Fabre, Francis; Lesobre, Jérôme; Houte, Sylvie; Estomba Recalde, Miren Andone ORCID; Montes Asperilla, Iratxe ORCID; Sime-Ngando, Télesphore; Biron, David G. (Public Library Science, 2019-02-08)
      Sociality has brought many advantages to various hymenoptera species, including their ability of regulating physical factors in their nest (e.g., temperature). Although less studied, humidity is known to be important for ...