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      Electroactive 3D printable poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-graft-poly(ε-caprolactone) copolymers as scaffolds for muscle cell alignment 

      Domínguez Alfaro, Antonio; Criado González, Miryam; Gabirondo Amenabar, Elena; Lasa Fernández, Haizpea ORCID; Olmedo Martínez, Jorge L.; Casado Pérez, Nerea; Alegret Ramón, Nuria; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús ORCID; Vallejo Illarramendi, Ainara ORCID; Mecerreyes Molero, David ORCID (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021-12-02)
      The development of tailor-made polymers to build artificial three-dimensional scaffolds to repair damaged skin tissues is gaining increasing attention in the bioelectronics field. Poly (3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) (PEDOT) ...
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      Isomorphic polyoxyalkylenes copolyethers obtained by copolymerization of aliphatic diols 

      Basterrechea Gorostiza, Andere; Gabirondo Amenabar, Elena; Flores, Irma; Etxeberria Lizarraga, Agustín ORCID; González Vives, Alba ORCID; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús ORCID; Mecerreyes Molero, David ORCID; Coulembier, Olivier; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (American Chemical Society, 2019-05-01)
      Isomorphism in random copolymers occurs when comonomer units can crystallize within a single crystalline lattice in the entire composition range. This ideal behavior is rare in random copolymers and only a few examples of ...
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      Polyether Single and Double Crystalline Blends and the Effect of Lithium Salt on Their Crystallinity and Ionic Conductivity 

      Olmedo Martínez, Jorge L.; Pastorio, Michele; Gabirondo Amenabar, Elena; Lorenzetti, Alessandra; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Mecerreyes Molero, David ORCID; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús ORCID (MDPI, 2021-06-25)
      In this work, blends of Poly(ethylene oxide), PEO, and poly(1,6-hexanediol), PHD, were prepared in a wide composition range. They were examined by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Polarized Light Optical Microscopy ...
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      Polyether Synthesis by Bulk Self-Condensation of Diols Catalyzed by Non-eutectic Acid Base Organocatalysts 

      Basterrechea Gorostiza, Andere; Gabirondo Amenabar, Elena; Jehanno, Coralie; Zhu, Haijin; Flores, Irma; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús ORCID; Etxeberria Lizarraga, Agustín ORCID; Mecerreyes Molero, David ORCID; Coulembier, Olivier; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (American Chemical Society, 2019-01-25)
      Polyethers constitute a well-established class of polymers covering a wide range of applications from industrial man-ufacturing to nanomedicine. Nevertheless, their industrial implementation is limited to short chain ...
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      Polymorphism in Non-Fullerene Acceptors Based on Indacenodithienothiophene 

      Marina Barbier, Sara Luisa; Scaccabarozzi, Alberto D.; Gutiérrez Fernández, Edgar; Solano, Eduardo; Khirbat, Aditi; Ciammaruchi, Laura; Iturrospe Ibarra, Amaia; Balzer, Alex; Yu, Liyang; Gabirondo Amenabar, Elena; Monnier, Xavier; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Anthopoulos, Thomas D.; Caironi, Mario; Campoy-Quiles, Mariano; Müller, Christian; Cangialosi, Daniele; Stingelin, Natalie; Martín Pérez, Jaime ORCID (Wiley, 2021-07)
      Organic solar cells incorporating non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs) have reached remarkable power conversion efficiencies of over 18%. Unlike fullerene derivatives, NFAs tend to crystallize from solutions, resulting in bulk ...
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      Unexpected structural properties in the saturation region of the odd-even effects in aliphatic polyethers: Influence of crystallization conditions 

      Flores, Irma; Pérez Camargo, Ricardo Arpad; Gabirondo Amenabar, Elena; Caputo, Maria Rosaria; Liu, Guoming; Wang, Dujin; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús ORCID (ACS, 2022-01-04)
      A series of aliphatic polyethers with different chain lengths (nCH2= 6 to 12, and 16) is studied employing differential scanning calorimetry and X-rays scattering. The calorimetric and structural behavior of samples ...