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      Two-color XUV plus NIR femtosecond photoionization of neon in the near-threshold region 

      Duesterer, S.; Hartmann, G.; Bomme, C.; Boll, R.; Costello, J. T.; Erk, B.; De Fanis, A.; Ilchen, M.; Johnsson, P.; Kelly, T. J.; Manschwetus, B.; Mazza, T.; Meyer, M.; Passow, C.; Rompotis, D.; Varvarezos, L.; Kazansky, Andrey K. ORCID; Kabachnik, N. M. (IOP Publishing, 2019-06-28)
      Results of angle-resolved electron spectroscopy of near-threshold photoionization of Ne atoms by combined femtosecond extreme ultraviolet and near infrared fields are presented. The dressed-electron spectra show an energetic ...