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      Experimental Simulation of Environmental Warming Selects against Pigmented Morphs of Land Snails 

      Koehler, Heinz-R.; Capowiez, Yvan; Mazzia, Christophe; Eckstein, Helene; Kaczmarek, Nils; Bilton, Mark C.; Burmester, Janne K. Y.; Capowiez, Line; Chueca Simón, Luis Javier ORCID; Favilli, Leonardo; Florit Gomila, Josep; Manganelli, Giuseppe; Mazzuca, Silvia; Moreno Rueda, Gregorio; Peschke, Katharina; Piro, Amalia; Quintana Cardona, Josep; Sawallich, Lilith; Staikou, Alexandra E.; Thomassen, Henri A.; Triebskorn, Rita (Wiley, 2021-02)
      In terrestrial snails, thermal selection acts on shell coloration. However, the biological relevance of small differences in the intensity of shell pigmentation and the associated thermodynamic, physiological, and evolutionary ...