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      Magnetocaloric Effect Caused by Paramagnetic Austenite–Ferromagnetic Martensite Phase Transformation 

      Kosogor, Anna; L'vov, Victor A.; Lazpita Arizmendiarrieta, Patricia ORCID; Seguí Palmer, María Concepción; Cesari, Eduard (MDPI, 2018-12-21)
      In the present work, the magnetization of Ni50Mn17.5Ga25Cu7.5 alloy undergoing the first-order phase transition from paramagnetic austenite to ferromagnetic martensite was measured to evaluate the magnetic-field-induced ...
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      Transformation Volume Effects on Shape Memory Alloys 

      Chernenko, Volodymyr; L'vov, Victor A.; Cesari, Eduard; Kosogor, Anna; Barandiarán García, José Manuel (MDPI, 2013-07-02)
      It is generally accepted that the martensitic transformations (MTs) in the shape memory alloys (SMAs) are mainly characterized by the shear deformation of the crystal lattice that arises in the course of MT, while a ...