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      Species-specific song responses emerge as a by-product of tuning to the local dialect. 

      Wheatcroft, David; Bliard, Louis; El Harouchi, Myriam; López Idiáquez, David; Kärkkäinen, Tiia; Kraft, Fanny-Linn H.; Muriel, Jaime; Rajan, Samyuktha; Tuvillo, Tomás; Burgess, Malcolm D.; Cantarero, Alejandro; Laaksonen, Toni; Martínez Padilla, Jesús; Visser, Marcel E.; Qvarnström, Anna (Elsevier, 2022-12)
      Oscine birds preferentially respond to certain sounds over others from an early age, which focuses subsequent learning onto sexually relevant songs.1-3 Songs vary both across species and, due to cultural evolution, among ...