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      Hyaluronic acid-based nanoplatforms for Doxorubicin: A review of stimuli-responsive carriers, co-delivery and resistance suppression 

      Ashrafizadeh, Milad; Mirzaei, Sepideh; Gholami, Mohammad Hossein; Hashemi, Farid; Zabolian, Amirhossein; Raei, Mehdi; Hushmandi, Kiavash; Zarrabi, Ali; Voelcker, Nicolas H.; Aref, Amir Reza; Hamblin, Michael R.; Varma, Rajender S.; Samarghandian, Saeed; Arostegi, I. J.; Alzola, M.; Kumar, Alan Prem; Thakur, Vijay Kumar; Nabavi, Noushin; Makvandi, Pooyan; Tay, Franklin R.; Orive Arroyo, Gorka (Elsevier, 2021-11-15)
      [EN]An important motivation for the use of nanomaterials and nanoarchitectures in cancer therapy emanates from the widespread emergence of drug resistance. Although doxorubicin (DOX) induces cell cycle arrest and DNA damage ...