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      Half-Hedgehog Spin Textures in sub-100 nm Soft Magnetic Nanodots 

      Berganza Eguiarte, Eider; Jaafar, Miriam; Fernández Roldán, José Ángel; Goiriena Goikoetxea, Maite; Pablo Navarro, Javier; García Arribas, Alfredo ORCID; Gusliyenko, Kostyantyn; Magen, Cesar; De Teresa Nogueras, José María; Chubykalo-Fesenko, O.; Asenjo, Agustina (Royal Society Of Chemistry, 2020-09-28)
      Topologically non-trivial structures such as magnetic skyrmions are nanometric spin textures of outstanding potential for spintronic applications due to their unique features. It is well known that Neel skyrmions of definite ...