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      Collective near-field coupling and nonlocal phenomena in infrared-phononic metasurfaces for nano-light canalization 

      Li, Peining; Hu, Guangwei; Dolado, Irene; Tymchenko, Mykhailo; Qiu, Cheng-Wei; Alfaro Mozaz, Francisco Javier; Casanova Fernández, Félix; Hueso Arroyo, Luis Eduardo; Liu, Song; Edgar, James H.; Vélez, Saül; Alu, Andrea; Hillenbrand, Rainer (Nature, 2020-07-21)
      Polaritons - coupled excitations of photons and dipolar matter excitations - can propagate along anisotropic metasurfaces with either hyperbolic or elliptical dispersion. At the transition from hyperbolic to elliptical ...