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      Analysis of hydrogen production potential from waste plastics by pyrolysis and in line oxidative steam reforming 

      Cortázar Dueñas, María ORCID; Gao, Ningbo; Quan, Cui; Suárez Cardona, Mayra Alejandra; López Zabalbeitia, Gartzen ORCID; Orozco Hernández, Santiago; Santamaría Moreno, Laura ORCID; Amutio Izaguirre, Maider ORCID; Olazar Aurrecoechea, Martin ORCID (Elsevier, 2022-01)
      [EN] A study was carried out on the valorization of different waste plastics (HDPE, PP, PS and PE), their mixtures and biomass/HDPE mixtures by means of pyrolysis and in line oxidative steam reforming. A thermodynamic ...
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      Investigation of hot char catalytic role in the pyrolysis of waste tires in a two-step process 

      Wang, Fengchao; Gao, Ningbo; Quan, Cui; López Zabalbeitia, Gartzen ORCID (Elsevier, 2019-12-30)
      [EN] This study pursues the valorization of waste tires by pyrolysis using a different approach for tire parts, specifically, the tire tread rubber and side wall rubber. Tire tread rubber was used to produce hot char with ...
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      Tire pyrolysis char: Processes, properties, upgrading and applications 

      Gao, Ningbo; Wang, Fengchao; Quan, Cui; Santamaría Moreno, Laura ORCID; López Zabalbeitia, Gartzen ORCID; Williams, Paul T. (Elsevier, 2022-11)
      Waste tires are solid wastes with large annual output and with the potential for great harm to the environment. The pyrolysis of waste tires can recycle energy and produce reusable products. Although there are many reviews ...