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      A wheat cysteine-rich receptor-like kinase confersbroad-spectrum resistance against Septoria tritici blotch 

      Saintenac, Cyrille; Cambon, Florence; Aouini, Lamia; Verstappen, Els; Tabib Ghaffary, Seyed Mahmoud; Poucet, Théo Jean; Marande, William; Berges, Hélène; Xu, Steven; Jaouannet, Maëlle; Favery, Bruno; Alassimone, Julien; Sánchez Valle, Andrea; Faris, Justin; Kema, Gert; Robert, Oliver; Langin, Thierry (Nature, 2021-01-19)
      The poverty of disease resistance gene reservoirs limits the breeding of crops for durable resistance against evolutionary dynamic pathogens. Zymoseptoria tritici which causes Septoria tritici blotch (STB), represents one ...