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      Experiences of water immersion during childbirth: a qualitative thematic synthesis 

      Reviriego, Eva; Ibargoyen Roteta, N.; Carreguí Vilar, S.; Mediavilla Serrano, L.; Uceira Rey, S.; Iglesias Casás S.; Martín Casado, A.; Toledo Chavarri, A.; Ares Mateos, G.; Montero Carcaboso, S.; Castelló Zamora, B.; Burgos Alonso, Natalia; Moreno Rodríguez, A.; Hernández Tejada, N.; Koetsenruyter, C. (BMC, 2023)
      Background The increasing demand for childbirth care based on physiological principles has led official bodies to encourage health centers to provide evidence‑based care aimed at promoting women’s participation in ...