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      Stimulation of synaptic activity promotes TFEB-mediated clearance of pathological MAPT/Tau in cellular and mouse models of tauopathies 

      Akwa, Yvette; Di Malta, Chiara; Zallo, Fátima; Gondard, Elise; Lunati, Adele; Díaz de Greñu, Lara; Zampelli, Angela; Boiret, Anne; Santamaría, Sara; Martínez Preciado, Maialen; Cortese, Katia; Kordower, Jeffrey H.; Matute Almau, Carlos José ORCID; Lozano, Andrés M.; Capetillo González de Zarate, Estibaliz; Vaccari, Thomas; Settembre, Carmine; Baulieu, Etienne E.; Tampellini, Davide (Taylor & Francis, 2023-02)
      Synapses represent an important target of Alzheimer disease (AD), and alterations of their excitability are among the earliest changes associated with AD development. Synaptic activation has been shown to be protective in ...