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      "Heroes" and "Villains" of World History across Cultures 

      Hanke, Katja; Liu, James H.; Sibley, Chris G.; Páez Rovira, Darío; Gaines Jr., Stanley O.; Moloney, Gail; Leong, Chan-Hoong; Wagner, Wolfgang; Licata, Laurent; Klein, Olivier; Garber, Ilya; Böhm, Gisela; Hilton, Denis J.; Valchev, Velichko; Khan, Sammyh S.; Cabecinhas, Rosa (Public Library Science, 2015-02-04)
      Emergent properties of global political culture were examined using data from the World History Survey (WHS) involving 6,902 university students in 37 countries evaluating 40 figures from world history. Multidimensional ...