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      Molecular Recognition of the Native HIV-1 MPER Revealed by STED Microscopy of Single Virions 

      Carravilla Palomanes, Pablo ORCID; Chojnacki, Jakub; Rujas Díez, Edurne; Insausti González, Sara; Largo Pereda, Eneko; Waithe, Dominic; Apellaniz Unzalu, Beatriz ORCID; Sicard, Taylor; Julien, Jean Philippe; Eggeling, Christian; Nieva Escandón, José Luis ORCID (Springer, 2019-01-08)
      Antibodies against the Membrane-Proximal External Region (MPER) of the Env gp41 subunit neutralize HIV-1 with exceptional breadth and potency. Due to the lack of knowledge on the MPER native structure and accessibility, ...