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      A Hierarchical Machine Learning Solution for the Non-Invasive Diagnostic of Autonomic Dysreflexia 

      Sagastibeltza Galarraga, Nagore; Salazar Ramírez, Asier; Yera Gil, Ainhoa ORCID; Martínez Rodríguez, Raquel ORCID; Muguerza Rivero, Javier Francisco; Civicos Sánchez, Nora; Acera Gil, María Ángeles (MDPI, 2022-02-15)
      More than half of patients with high spinal cord injury (SCI) suffer from episodes of autonomic dysreflexia (AD), a condition that can lead to lethal situations, such as cerebral haemorrhage, if not treated correctly. ...
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      A mechanism for discovering semantic relationships among agent communication protocols 

      Berges González, Idoia; Bermúdez de Andrés, Jesús ORCID; Goñi Sarriguren, Alfredo; Illarramendi Echave, María Aránzazu ORCID (Springer, 2011-11)
      One relevant aspect in the development of the Semantic Web framework is the achievement of a real inter-agent communication capability at the semantic level. Agents should be able to communicate with each other freely ...
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      A novel taxonomy of student-generated video styles 

      Arruabarrena Santos, Rosa María ORCID; Sánchez Ortega, Ana ORCID; Domínguez, César; Jaime, Arturo (Springer, 2021-11-08)
      [EN]Video is a medium increasingly used in education. The styles of videos produced for academic purposes have been studied in the literature based mainly on those initially designed by instructors for use in MOOCs. In ...
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      A Robust Optimization Based Energy-Aware Virtual Network Function Placement Proposal for Small Cell 5G Networks with Mobile Edge Computing Capabilities 

      Blanco Jauregui, Begoña ORCID; Taboada Puente, Ianire ORCID; Fajardo Portillo, José Oscar; Liberal Malaina, Fidel (Hindawi, 2017)
      In the context of cloud-enabled 5G radio access networks with network function virtualization capabilities, we focus on the virtual network function placement problem for a multitenant cluster of small cells that provide ...
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      A Semantic Approach for Big Data Exploration in Industry 4.0 

      Berges González, Idoia; Ramírez Durán, Victor Julio; Illarramendi Echave, María Aránzazu ORCID (Elsevier, 2021-04-19)
      The growing trends in automation, Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing technologies have led to the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), where it is possible to visualize and identify patterns and ...
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      A Telerehabilitation System for the Selection, Evaluation and Remote Management of Therapies 

      Anton, David; Berges González, Idoia; Bermúdez de Andrés, Jesús ORCID; Goñi Sarriguren, Alfredo; Illarramendi Echave, María Aránzazu ORCID (MDPI, 2018-05)
      Telerehabilitation systems that support physical therapy sessions anywhere can help save healthcare costs while also improving the quality of life of the users that need rehabilitation. The main contribution of this paper ...
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      Actor-critic continuous state reinforcement learning for wind-turbine control robust optimization 

      Fernández Gauna, Borja; Graña Romay, Manuel María; Osa Amilibia, Juan Luis ORCID; Larrucea Uriarte, Xabier (Elsevier, 2022-04)
      [EN] The control of Variable-Speed Wind-Turbines (VSWT) extracting electrical power from the wind kinetic energy are composed of subsystems that need to be controlled jointly, namely the blade pitch and the generator torque ...
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      Advances in monolingual and crosslingual automatic disability annotation in Spanish 

      Goenaga Azcarate, Iakes; Andrés Santamaría, Edgar; Gojenola Galletebeitia, Koldobika; Atutxa Salazar, Aitziber (BMC, 2023-06)
      Background Unlike diseases, automatic recognition of disabilities has not received the same attention in the area of medical NLP. Progress in this direction is hampered by obstacles like the lack of annotated corpus. ...
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      An Algebraic Preservation Theorem for Aleph-Zero Categorical Quantified Constraint Satisfaction 

      Chen, Hubert; Müller, Moritz (Logical Methods in Computer Science c/o Institut f. Theoretische Informatik, Technische Universität Braunschweig, 2013-03-29)
      We prove an algebraic preservation theorem for positive Horn definability in aleph-zero categorical structures. In particular, we define and study a construction which we call the periodic power of a structure, and define ...
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      Analysis of Deep Learning-Based Decision-Making in an Emotional Spontaneous Speech Task 

      De Velasco Vázquez, Mikel ORCID; Justo Blanco, Raquel ORCID; López Zorrilla, Asier ORCID; Torres Barañano, María Inés ORCID (MDPI, 2023-01-11)
      In this work, we present an approach to understand the computational methods and decision-making involved in the identification of emotions in spontaneous speech. The selected task consists of Spanish TV debates, which ...
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      Assessing Industrial Communication Protocols to Bridge the Gap between Machine Tools and Software Monitoring 

      Tapia, Endika; Sastoque Pinilla, Leonardo; López Novoa, Unai; Bediaga, Iñigo; López de Lacalle Marcaide, Luis Norberto (MDPI, 2023-06-18)
      Industrial communication protocols are protocols used to interconnect systems, interfaces, and machines in industrial environments. With the advent of hyper-connected factories, the role of these protocols is gaining ...
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      Automatic feedback and assessment of team-coding assignments in a DevOps context 

      Fernández Gauna, Borja; Rojo Azaceta, Naiara; Graña Romay, Manuel María (Springer, 2023)
      We describe an automated assessment process for team-coding assignments based on DevOps best practices. This system and methodology includes the definition of Team Performance Metrics measuring properties of the software ...
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      Automatic white-box testing of first-order logic ontologies 

      Álvez Giménez, Javier ORCID; Hermo Huguet, Montserrat; Lucio Carrasco, Francisca; Rigau Claramunt, Germán ORCID (Oxford Academic, 2019-02-26)
      Formal ontologies are axiomatizations in a logic-based formalism. The development of formal ontologies is generating considerable research on the use of automated reasoning techniques and tools that help in ontology ...
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      Benchmarking Object Detection Deep Learning Models in Embedded Devices 

      Cantero, David ORCID; Esnaola-Gonzalez, Iker ORCID; Miguel Alonso, José; Jauregi Iztueta, Ekaitz (MDPI, 2022)
      Object detection is an essential capability for performing complex tasks in robotic applications. Today, deep learning (DL) approaches are the basis of state-of-the-art solutions in computer vision, where they provide very ...
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      Beyond Q-Resolution and Prenex Form: a Proof System for Quantified Constraint Satisfaction 

      Chen, Hubert Ming (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, 2014)
      We consider the quanti fied constraint satisfaction problem (QCSP) which is to decide, given a structure and a first-order sentence (not assumed here to be in prenex form) built from conjunction and quanti fication, whether ...
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      Binding SNOMED-CT Terms to Archetype Elements: Establishing a Baseline of Results 

      Berges González, Idoia; Bermúdez de Andrés, Jesús ORCID; Illarramendi Echave, María Aránzazu ORCID (Schattauer, 2015)
      Introduction: This article is part of the Focus Theme of METHODS of Information in Medicine on "Managing Interoperability and Complexity in Health Systems". Background: The proliferation of archetypes as a means to ...
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      Branching-time logic ECTL# and its tree-style one-pass tableau: Extending fairness expressibility of ECTL+ 

      Bolotov, Alexander; Hermo Huguet, Montserrat; Lucio Carrasco, Francisca (Elsevier, 2020-02-13)
      Temporal logic has become essential for various areas in computer science, most notably for the specification and verification of hardware and software systems. For the specification purposes rich temporal languages are ...
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      Building synthetic simulated environments for configuring and training multi-camera systems for surveillance applications 

      Aranjuelo Ansa, Nerea; García Castaño, Jorge; Unzueta Irurtia, Luis; García Torres, Sara; Elordi Hidalgo, Unai; Otaegui Madurga, Oihana (SciTePress, Science and Technology Publications, Lda, 2021)
      [EN] Synthetic simulated environments are gaining popularity in the Deep Learning Era, as they can alleviate the effort and cost of two critical tasks to build multi-camera systems for surveillance applications: setting ...
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      CASA: An Architecture to Support Complex Assessment Scenarios 

      VILLAMAÑE GIRONES, MIKEL ORCID; Álvarez Arana, Ainhoa Izaro ORCID; Larrañaga Olagaray, Mikel (IEEE, 2020)
      The evaluation or assessment of student performance and knowledge is a central element of most instructional design models, as it provides the information required to take remediation actions and improve the learning ...
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      Cause of Death estimation from Verbal Autopsies: Is the Open Response redundant or synergistic? 

      Cejudo Taramona, Ander; Casillas Rubio, Arantza; Pérez Ramírez, Alicia ORCID; Oronoz Anchordoqui, Maite ORCID; Cobos, Daniel (Elsevier, 2023-09)
      Civil registration and vital statistics systems capture birth and death events to compile vital statistics and to provide legal rights to citizens. Vital statistics are a key factor in promoting public health policies and ...