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      A 3D Reduced Common Mode Voltage PWM Algorithm for a Five-Phase Six-Leg Inverter 

      Fernández Zubizarreta, Markel ORCID; Robles Pérez, Endika ORCID; Aretxabaleta Astoreka, Iker; Kortabarria Iparragirre, Iñigo ORCID; Andreu Larrañaga, Jon ORCID; Martín González, José Luis ORCID (MDPI, 2023-05-06)
      Neutral point voltage control converters (NPVCC) are being considered for AC drive applications, where their additional degree of freedom can be used for different purposes, such as fault tolerance or common mode voltage ...
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      A Fixed-Latency Architecture to Secure GOOSE and Sampled Value Messages in Substation Systems 

      Rodríguez, Mikel; Lázaro Arrotegui, Jesús ORCID; Bidarte Peraita, Unai ORCID; Jiménez Verde, Jaime; Astarloa Cuéllar, Armando Fermín ORCID (IEEE, 2021-03-26)
      International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62351-6 standard specifies the security mechanisms to protect real-time communications based on IEC 61850. Generic Object Oriented Substation Events (GOOSE) and Sampled Value ...
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      A Generic Interface for x-in-the-Loop Simulations Based on Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol 

      Segura Abarrategi, Mikel; Poggi, Tomaso; Bárcena Ruiz, Rafael ORCID (IEEE, 2023-01)
      Co-simulation is a key step in the development of today’s complex cyber-physical systems (CPS), specially in the integration and validation activities. However, performing a co-simulation involving models developed in ...
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      A New Methodology to Manage FPGA Distributed Memory Content via Bitstream for Xilinx ZYNQ Devices 

      Gómez Cornejo, Julen; Aranzabal Santamaria, Itxaso; López Ropero, Iraide ORCID; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Angel Javier ORCID; Zuloaga Izaguirre, Aitzol (MDPI, 2022-12-27)
      This paper proposes a methodology to access data and manage the content of distributed memories in FPGA designs through the configuration bitstream. Thanks to the methods proposed, it is possible to read and write the data ...
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      Adaptive Scalable SVD Unit for Fast Processing of Large LSE Problems 

      Bildosola Agirregomezkorta, Iñaki ORCID; Martínez Corral, Unai ORCID; Basterrechea Oyarzabal, Koldobika ORCID (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2014-06-18)
      Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is a key linear algebraic operation in many scientific and engineering applications. In particular, many computational intelligence systems rely on machine learning methods involving high ...
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      An Architecture for On-Line Measurement of the Tip Clearance and Time of Arrival of a Bladed Disk of an Aircraft Engine 

      Gil-García Leiva, José Miguel ORCID; Solís Martínez, Alejandro; Aranguren Aramendia, Gerardo ORCID; Zubia Zaballa, Joseba Andoni ORCID (MDPI, 2017-10)
      Safety and performance of the turbo-engine in an aircraft is directly affected by the health of its blades. In recent years, several improvements to the sensors have taken place to monitor the blades in a non-intrusive ...
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      An Empirical Study on Transmission Beamforming for Ultrasonic Guided-Wave Based Structural Health Monitoring 

      Cantero Chinchilla, Sergio; Aranguren Aramendia, Gerardo ORCID; Malik, Muhammad Khalid; Echaniz Marañón, Josu ORCID; Martín de la Escalera, Federico (MDPI, 2020-03-06)
      The development of reliable structural health monitoring techniques is enabling a healthy transition from preventive to condition-based maintenance, hence leading to safer and more efficient operation of different industries. ...
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      An Integral Sliding Mode Stator Current Control for Industrial Induction Motor 

      Shiravani, Fahimeh ORCID; Alkorta Egiguren, Patxi ORCID; Cortajarena, Jose Antonio ORCID; Barambones Caramazana, Oscar ORCID (MDPI, 2022)
      An integral sliding mode control (ISMC) for stator currents of the induction motor (IM) is developed in this work. The proposed controller is developed in the d-q synchronous reference frame, by using the indirect ...
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      Analysis of NOMA-Based Retransmission Schemes for Factory Automation Applications 

      Iradier Gil, Eneko ORCID; Fanari, Lorenzo ORCID; Bilbao Barrenechea, Iñigo; Montalbán Sánchez, Jon ORCID; Angueira Buceta, Pablo ORCID; Seijo, Óscar; Val, Iñaki (IEEE-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2021-02-12)
      New use cases and applications in factory automation scenarios impose demanding requirements for traditional industrial communications. In particular, latency and reliability are considered as some of the most representative ...
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      Application of Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks to Achieve Intelligent Microgrids: A Promising Approach towards a Global Smart Grid Deployment 

      Llaria, Alvaro ORCID; Terrasson, Guillaume; Curea, Octavian; Jiménez Verde, Jaime (MDPI, 2016-02)
      Smart Grids (SGs) constitute the evolution of the traditional electrical grid towards a new paradigm, which should increase the reliability, the security and, at the same time, reduce the costs of energy generation, ...
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      Automatic Analysis of Archimedes’ Spiral for Characterization of Genetic Essential Tremor Based on Shannon’s Entropy and Fractal Dimension 

      López de Ipiña Peña, Miren Karmele ORCID; Solé Casals, Jordi; Faúndez-Zanuy, Marcos; Calvo, Pilar M.; Sesa, Enric; Roure, Josep; Martínez de Lizarduy Sturtze, Unai; Beitia Bengoa, Blanca; Fernández Gómez de Segura, Elsa; Iradi Arteaga, Jon; García Melero, Joseba; Bergareche, Alberto (MDPI, 2018-07)
      Among neural disorders related to movement, essential tremor has the highest prevalence; in fact, it is twenty times more common than Parkinson's disease. The drawing of the Archimedes' spiral is the gold standard test to ...
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      Automatic detection of the mental state in responses towards relaxation 

      Sagastibeltza Galarraga, Nagore; Salazar Ramírez, Asier ORCID; Martínez Rodríguez, Raquel ORCID; Jodrá Luque, José Luis; Muguerza Rivero, Javier Francisco (Springer, 2023-03)
      Nowadays, considering society’s highly demanding lifestyles, it is important to consider the usefulness of relaxation from the perspective of both psychology and clinical practice. The response towards relaxation (RResp) ...
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      AXI Lite redundant on-chip bus interconnect for high reliability systems 

      Lázaro Arrotegui, Jesús ORCID; Astarloa Cuéllar, Armando Fermín ORCID; Zuloaga Izaguirre, Aitzol; Araujo Parra, José Ángel ORCID; Jiménez Verde, Jaime (IEEE, 2023-04-27)
      Nowadays, system-on-chips have become critical since they support more and more safe applications due to their flexibility. However, they are susceptible to single-event upsets because the memory cell size has significantly ...
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      Bluetooth Low PowerModes Applied to the Data Transportation Network in Home Automation Systems 

      Echaniz Marañón, Josu ORCID; Aranguren Aramendia, Gerardo ORCID (MDPI, 2017-05)
      Even though home automation is a well-known research and development area, recent technological improvements in different areas such as context recognition, sensing, wireless communications or embedded systems have boosted ...
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      Building IoT Applications with Raspberry Pi and Low Power IQRF Communication Modules 

      Calvo Gordillo, Isidro ORCID; Gil-García Leiva, José Miguel ORCID; Recio, Igor; López, Asier; Quesada Castellano, Jerónimo (MDPI, 2016-09)
      Typical Internet of Things (IoT) applications involve collecting information automatically from diverse geographically-distributed smart sensors and concentrating the information into more powerful computers. The Raspberry ...
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      Common-Mode Voltage Elimination in Multilevel Power Inverter-Based Motor Drive Applications 

      Robles Pérez, Endika ORCID; Fernández Zubizarreta, Markel ORCID; Zaragoza, Jordi; Aretxabaleta Astoreka, Iker; Martínez de Alegría Mancisidor, Iñigo ORCID; Andreu Larrañaga, Jon ORCID (IEEE, 2022-01-07)
      [EN] The industry and academia are focusing their efforts on finding more efficient and reliable electrical machines and motor drives. However, many of the motors driven by pulse-width modulated converters face the recurring ...
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      Common-mode voltage mitigation in multiphase electric motor drive systems 

      Robles Pérez, Endika ORCID; Fernández Zubizarreta, Markel ORCID; Andreu Larrañaga, Jon ORCID; Ibarra Basabe, Edorta ORCID; Zaragoza, Jordi; Ugalde Olea, Unai ORCID (Elsevier, 2022-04)
      Common-mode voltage (CMV) produces serious reliability and electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues in modern pulse-width modulated (PWM) electric drives. Such issues will become more prominent in the near future, as ...
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      Constellation design for future communication systems: a comprehensive survey 

      Barrueco Gutiérrez, Jon ORCID; Montalbán Sánchez, Jon ORCID; Iradier Gil, Eneko ORCID; Angueira Buceta, Pablo ORCID (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2021-06-29)
      [EN] The choice of modulation schemes is a fundamental building block of wireless communication systems. As a key component of physical layer design, they critically impact the expected communication capacity and wireless ...
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      Context- and Template-Based Compression for Efficient Management of Data Models in Resource-Constrained Systems 

      Berzosa Macho, Jorge; Gardeazabal Montón, Pedro José Luis; Cortiñas Rodríguez, Roberto ORCID (MDPI, 2017-08)
      The Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) paradigm is based on the deployment of interconnected heterogeneous devices and systems, so interoperability is at the heart of any CPS architecture design. In this sense, the adoption of ...
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      Contributions of Bottom-Up Energy Transitions in Germany: A Case Study Analysis 

      Akizu Gardoki, Ortzi ORCID; Bueno Mendieta, Gorka ORCID; Barcena Hynojal, Iñaki Bizente; Kurt, Erol; Topaloglu, Nurettin; López Guede, José Manuel ORCID (MDPI, 2017-04)
      Within the context of an energy transition towards achieving a renewable low-impact energy consumption system, this study analyses how bottom-up initiatives can contribute to state driven top-down efforts to achieve the ...