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dc.contributor.authorChytrý, Milan
dc.contributor.authorTichý, Lubomír
dc.contributor.authorHennekens, Stephan M.
dc.contributor.authorKnollová, Ilona
dc.contributor.authorJanssen, John A. M.
dc.contributor.authorRodwell, John S.
dc.contributor.authorPeterka, Tomáš
dc.contributor.authorMarcenò, Corrado ORCID
dc.contributor.authorLanducci, Flavia
dc.contributor.authorDanihelka, Jiří
dc.contributor.authorHájek, Michal
dc.contributor.authorDengler, Jürgen
dc.contributor.authorNovák, Pavel
dc.contributor.authorZukal, Dominik
dc.contributor.authorJiménez Alfaro, Borja
dc.contributor.authorMucina, Ladislav
dc.contributor.authorAbdulhak, Sylvain
dc.contributor.authorAćić, Svetlana
dc.contributor.authorAgrillo, Emiliano
dc.contributor.authorAttorre, Fabio
dc.contributor.authorBergmeier, Erwin
dc.contributor.authorBiurrun Galarraga, Miren Idoia ORCID
dc.contributor.authorBoch, Steffen
dc.contributor.authorBölöni, János
dc.contributor.authorBonari, Gianmaria
dc.contributor.authorBraslavskaya, Tatiana
dc.contributor.authorBruelheide, Helge
dc.contributor.authorCampos Prieto, Juan Antonio ORCID
dc.contributor.authorČarni, Andraž
dc.contributor.authorCasella, Laura
dc.contributor.authorĆuk, Mirjana
dc.contributor.authorĆušterevska, Renata
dc.contributor.authorDe Bie, Els
dc.contributor.authorDelbosc, Pauline
dc.contributor.authorDemina, Olga
dc.contributor.authorDidukh, Yakiv
dc.contributor.authorDítě, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorDziuba, Tetiana
dc.contributor.authorEwald, Jörg
dc.contributor.authorGavilán, Rosario G.
dc.contributor.authorGégout, Jean Claude
dc.contributor.authorGiusso del Galdo, Gian Pietro
dc.contributor.authorGolub, Valentin
dc.contributor.authorGoncharova, Nadezhda
dc.contributor.authorGoral, Friedemann
dc.contributor.authorGraf, Ulrich
dc.contributor.authorIndreica, Adrian
dc.contributor.authorIsermann, Maike
dc.contributor.authorJandt, Ute
dc.contributor.authorJansen, Florian
dc.contributor.authorJansen, Jan
dc.contributor.authorJašková, Anni
dc.contributor.authorJiroušek, Martin
dc.contributor.authorKącki, Zygmunt
dc.contributor.authorKalníková, Veronika
dc.contributor.authorKavgacı, Ali
dc.contributor.authorKhanina, Larisa
dc.contributor.authorKorolyuk, Andrey Yu.
dc.contributor.authorKozhevnikova, Mariya
dc.contributor.authorKuzemko, Anna
dc.contributor.authorKüzmič, Filip
dc.contributor.authorKuznetsov, Oleg L.
dc.contributor.authorLaiviņš, Māris
dc.contributor.authorLavrinenko, Igor
dc.contributor.authorLavrinenko, Olga
dc.contributor.authorLebedeva, Maria
dc.contributor.authorLososová, Zdeňka
dc.contributor.authorLysenko, Tatiana
dc.contributor.authorMaciejewski, Lise
dc.contributor.authorMardari, Constantin
dc.contributor.authorMarinšek, Aleksander
dc.contributor.authorNapreenko, Maxim G.
dc.contributor.authorOnyshchenko, Viktor
dc.contributor.authorPérez Haase, Aaron
dc.contributor.authorPielech, Remigiusz
dc.contributor.authorProkhorov, Vadim
dc.contributor.authorRašomavičius, Valerijus
dc.contributor.authorRodríguez Rojo, Maria Pilar
dc.contributor.authorRūsiņa, Solvita
dc.contributor.authorSchrautzer, Joachim
dc.contributor.authorŠibík, Jozef
dc.contributor.authorŠilc, Urban
dc.contributor.authorŠkvorc, Željko
dc.contributor.authorSmagin, Viktor A.
dc.contributor.authorStančić, Zvjezdana
dc.contributor.authorStanisci, Angela
dc.contributor.authorTikhonova, Elena
dc.contributor.authorTonteri, Tiina
dc.contributor.authorUogintas, Domas
dc.contributor.authorValachovič, Milan
dc.contributor.authorVassilev, Kiril
dc.contributor.authorVynokurov, Denys
dc.contributor.authorWillner, Wolfgang
dc.contributor.authorYamalov, Sergey
dc.contributor.authorEvans, Douglas
dc.contributor.authorPalitzsch Lund, Mette
dc.contributor.authorSpyropoulou, Rania
dc.contributor.authorTryfon, Eleni
dc.contributor.authorSchaminée, Joop H. J.
dc.identifier.citationApplied Vegetation Science 23(4) : 648-675 (2020)es_ES
dc.description.abstractAim The EUNIS Habitat Classification is a widely used reference framework for European habitat types (habitats), but it lacks formal definitions of individual habitats that would enable their unequivocal identification. Our goal was to develop a tool for assigning vegetation-plot records to the habitats of the EUNIS system, use it to classify a European vegetation-plot database, and compile statistically-derived characteristic species combinations and distribution maps for these habitats. Location Europe. Methods We developed the classification expert system EUNIS-ESy, which contains definitions of individual EUNIS habitats based on their species composition and geographic location. Each habitat was formally defined as a formula in a computer language combining algebraic and set-theoretic concepts with formal logical operators. We applied this expert system to classify 1,261,373 vegetation plots from the European Vegetation Archive (EVA) and other databases. Then we determined diagnostic, constant and dominant species for each habitat by calculating species-to-habitat fidelity and constancy (occurrence frequency) in the classified data set. Finally, we mapped the plot locations for each habitat. Results Formal definitions were developed for 199 habitats at Level 3 of the EUNIS hierarchy, including 25 coastal, 18 wetland, 55 grassland, 43 shrubland, 46 forest and 12 man-made habitats. The expert system classified 1,125,121 vegetation plots to these habitat groups and 73,188 to other habitats, while 63,064 plots remained unclassified or were classified to more than one habitat. Data on each habitat were summarized in factsheets containing habitat description, distribution map, corresponding syntaxa and characteristic species combination. Conclusions EUNIS habitats were characterized for the first time in terms of their species composition and distribution, based on a classification of a European database of vegetation plots using the newly developed electronic expert system EUNIS-ESy. The data provided and the expert system have considerable potential for future use in European nature conservation planning, monitoring and assessment.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThe previous versions of the expert system and related reports were produced within a contract from the European Environment Agency to Wageningen Environmental Research and Masaryk University. The opinions expressed are those of the contractor and do not represent the Agency's official position. EVA data management and preparation of this paper were supported by the Czech Science Foundation (project no. 19-28491X to MC, LT, IK, TP, CM, JDa, MH, PN, DZ, GB, AJ, AKu, ZL and DV). IB and JAC were supported by the Basque Government (project no. T936-16). TB, ET, and LK were supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (TB and ET project no. AAAA-A18-118052590019-7; LK project no. AAAA-A19-119012490096-2).es_ES
dc.subjectcoastal habitates_ES
dc.subjectdiagnostic specieses_ES
dc.subjectdistribution mapes_ES
dc.subjectdune vegetationes_ES
dc.subjectEuropean Nature Information System (EUNIS)es_ES
dc.subjectEuropean Vegetation Archive (EVA)es_ES
dc.subjectexpert systemes_ES
dc.subjecthabitat classificationes_ES
dc.subjectman-made habitates_ES
dc.subjectvegetation databasees_ES
dc.subjectvegetation plotes_ES
dc.subjectwetland formalized classificationes_ES
dc.subjectalien plantses_ES
dc.titleEUNIS Habitat Classification: Expert system, characteristic species combinations and distribution maps of European habitatses_ES
dc.rights.holderThis is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.es_ES
dc.rights.holderAtribución 3.0 España*
dc.departamentoesBiología vegetal y ecologíaes_ES
dc.departamentoeuLandaren biologia eta ekologiaes_ES

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This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.